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    How to Cast On

    The first step in any knitting project is the cast-on. We will show you how it is done.

    The Gauge Swatch: How to Measure Your Crochet Tension

    Measuring crochet tension is key! A gauge swatch will help you determine the right crochet hook size for your project as well as getting an awesome outcome of the finished piece. With this guide, you'll be able to crochet gauge swatches with ease.

    DIY: Fold a box for your gift voucher

    Would you like to make the gift voucher experience a little extra special? We’ve made a DIY template so you can make a cute little gift box for the gift voucher in just a few simle steps.

    Knit Your Own Christmas Sweater

    A Christmas sweater can be silly and fun or classic and beautiful. And the very best kind is the homemade kind, of course! Here, we’ve gathered our 8 most popular designs for knit Christmas sweaters.

    7 Free Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns

    Is it time to decorate the Christmas tree and make festive Christmas ornaments for your home? Crocheted ornaments really add that personal touch to the coziest of all the holidays. Need an ornament pattern for this year’s Christmas tree? Find it in this blog post.

    18 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

    Can you also hear jingle bells in the distance? Then it’s time to grab your yarn and crochet hooks! In this blog post, you’ll get 18 free patterns with cute and fun designs that are sure to make this Christmas a little extra magical and joyful.

    Mix and Match with Friends

    Do you also think that wool and kid silk is the loveliest combination? Then the Friends range is perfect for you! Because in this new collection of yarns, the color numbers match across the different yarn types. Here is your guide to mixing and matching the Friends yarns.

    What Is Superwash Wool?

    Are you the type who washes all your crocheted and knit creations by hand, or do you not have the patience for that kind of thing? Superwash yarns have gone through a treatment that has made them machine washable. They’re super practical if you wear your creations often and need to wash them regularly! Learn more about superwash yarn in this blog post.

    Meet Friends

    Yaaaaaaaay! A new range of yarns has finally landed in the webshop! The new collection is called Friends and offers yarns in lovely soft materials. And the best part? The yarns all share the same color codes, so you can mix and match colors to your heart's content.

    7 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns

    Halloween is creeping ever closer, and it’s time to (pumpkin)spice up your home with some crocheted decorations. Get inspired by our most popular (and cutest!) crochet patterns for Halloween. P.S. Who says Halloween has to be scary?

    Stay Warm With Wool: Knit Socks For the Whole Family

    It seems that we’ll have to get used to cold floors and chilly temperatures indoors these coming fall and winter seasons. Which makes this the perfect time to start knitting woolly socks for the whole family.

    Meet the Designer: Laura Dalgaard

    Laura Dalgaard is the knitting designer behind the brand new tiger design supporting WWF-Denmark’s work to save the world’s wild tiger populations. We asked Laura about her thoughts on the collaboration and design process - and she even gave us a bit of advice, too.

    Knit an Iconic Sweater and Support the World’s Tigers

    We’ve teamed up with WWF-Denmark and Danish knitting designer Laura Dalgaard to create a super cool tiger design. Buy the pattern and support the wild tigers by knitting this iconic tiger for yourself, your friend, your child, or your grandmother.

    Video Tutorial: How to Duplicate Stitch

    The duplicate stitch is a brilliant technique if you want to make a very detailed motif in your knitting. When you embroider stitches on top of your finished project, it looks like the stitches are part of the original knitting. Cool, right? Watch the video in this blog post and try your hand at adding fun details to your projects with duplicate stitches.

    Video Tutorial: How to Knit Intarsia

    With intarsia, you can make large, multi-colored motifs using the stockinette stitch. This technique has you working in several blocks following a chart. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually really simple. Read more and learn how to knit intarsia.

    Granny Squares: Find Inspiration for Your Next Project

    The interest in granny squares has truly resurfaced. In this blog post, you will find inspiration for your next project with these fun squares that you can combine in countless ways. And you can even learn how to knit four different types of Granny Squares.

    Step-by-Step Guide: How to Crochet a Basic Granny Square

    Do you dream of learning how to crochet Granny Squares? They’re actually not that difficult to make - even for beginners. Learn how to crochet a simple granny square with a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions. You might just fall in love with these beautiful and popular squares.

    Join the #HobbiiHappySquares Mystery CAL

    From July 1, you can buy the kit for our Mystery CAL #HobbiiHappySquares, which we will start on August 15. The crochet challenge is a fun way to work alongside other happy crocheters - and to work on a secret design that is released in smaller chunks.

    24-Day Challenge: On Tour With Hobbii

    Join us in celebrating this year’s Tour de France with a 24-day challenge. Knit and crochet your way through 24 challenging and fun legs of the Tour.

    Guide: How to wind yarn with a yarn swift and a yarn winder

    Are you tired of winding your hanks into skeins by hand? Then it’s time to get acquainted with this dream-team set of tools: A yarn swift and a yarn winder. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to use these two tools effectively and swiftly to wind the most beautiful skeins you’ve ever seen. And the best part? You can get started on your knitting or crocheting much faster 😍

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