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    Invisible increases (inc)

    You have reached the part of the pattern where you need to make an increase. Let us show you how to knit an invisible increase that won’t leave a hole in your project.

    Magic Loop

    Magic Loop is a knitting technique that lets you knit even the smallest circumferences on circular needles. The Magic Loop technique is a great alternative to double-pointed needles and works well for things like sleeves and socks. We will guide you through this simple technique.

    How to Cast Off

    The end is in sight. It is time to finish your project. Learn how to cast off right here.

    Purl Stitch (p)

    Learn how to knit the purl stitch with our step-by-step guide - includes video.

    Knit Stitch (k)

    Learn the easiest and most basic stitch: The knit stitch.

    How to Cast On

    The first step in any knitting project is the cast-on. We will show you how it is done.

    Video Tutorial: How to Duplicate Stitch

    The duplicate stitch is a brilliant technique if you want to make a very detailed motif in your knitting. When you embroider stitches on top of your finished project, it looks like the stitches are part of the original knitting. Cool, right? Watch the video in this blog post and try your hand at adding fun details to your projects with duplicate stitches.

    Video Tutorial: How to Knit Intarsia

    With intarsia, you can make large, multi-colored motifs using the stockinette stitch. This technique has you working in several blocks following a chart. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually really simple. Read more and learn how to knit intarsia.

    A Beginner’s Guide: How to Knit

    This knitter’s guide is a step-by-step instruction for anyone who wants to get started on their first project. Learn everything you need to know about materials and the most basic techniques and find inspiration for your first project.

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