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Melissa Tan

I am very pleased with this interchangeable knitting needles set. It arrived very quickly, much faster than I thought. Never used interchangeable wooden needles before so I decided to give this set a try. To my pleasant surprise, the wooden needles are very smooth to the touch. These black and brown needles are very beautiful too. The overall packaging is very lovely, and the Knit and Purr box is very beautiful. The fabric pouch and the tote bag that come with it are pretty and very practical. Didn’t regret my purchase of this beautiful set!! Well done and thank you Hobbii!!


Wow what wonderful circular knitting needles so glad I purchased them and I can’t wait to start using them.


These are good but the case is a bit week as with the knitting needles being so heavy.. I usually buy plastic as they are easier on the hands and wrists. Hopefully you will make a plastic set. The needles are great being colour coded and it's so easy to find what needles you are looking for and have them all together. Thanks Sandra. 😀


I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis in my hands and find knitting with conventional circular needles difficult. The prym ergonomic circular needles are so much easier to use due to their triangular shape and the steel cable doesn’t twist and turn like traditional circular needles. I love working with them. What a wonderful product.

Jennifer Hamilton

I ordered this set because I can finally knit with dpn's and not have ladders form. I love these needles - they feel substantial, but are not too heavy. The tips are well formed and the yarn slides over the needles nicely. I've used them with both cotton and wool and was quite happy with them. I will order more.


I had not used these needles before, and I love them! The needles' unique shape seems to make it easy to knit for longer periods of time without hand cramping. The needle tips are not super sharp, but there is no problem getting into the stitches. I really like these, and will buy more in other sizes.

Alicia Montenegro

I’m very happy with these needles. I’m using all of them and finding them easy and enjoyable to use. The other good thing about them is that the size is stamped on each set making it easy to choose the correct size for a project. I’m currently knitting socks.


cubic double point needles. Love the square needles. first introduced tome by the Kollage co. but these were the proper length I wanted. If you haven't tried the cubic needles, do so, they are all that they say. cuts soreness and keeps great gauge.

Paula Verry

I am so in love with my new needles. I bought them because of a product review and they are everything they advertise to be. Hobbit has excellent customer service. My order shipped to the U.S. and was here very fast.

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