Novelty Yarns

Novelty yarns are yarns that are designed with a special effect. This can be in the form of a thin reflector strand in the yarn, and you could for example knit or crochet a hat, shirt or vest that would make you more visible in traffic. It can also be a glitter thread that you add to your yarn project to achieve a glittery effect.

The many features of novelty yarn

The great thing about knitting or crocheting with a reflective thread is, that the reflection is not seen in daylight, but only when darkness falls, and therefore it doesn’t affect your various patterns in a negative way. There are many different versions of novelty yarn, so you can choose whether to use reflective yarn, reflector strand or glitter thread. So, you decide how big the effect should be on your crochet or knitting project.

In the long, cold winter months, novelty yarn is close to being your best friend. If you are one of the many people who daily go to work or school while it’s still dark outside, the reflective yarn or even the reflector strand can help you be more visible in traffic. It would also make sense to crochet or knit hats, mittens, sweaters, vests or scarves for your children, so they also are more likely to be to be seen in traffic.

Good for everyday life

As mentioned above, novelty yarn is very suitable for making yours and your children’s movements in traffic safer. Some may think that it's unnecessary to crochet sweaters, vests, scarves, etc.  with reflective yarn for their children, as most children often have a reflector on their jacket. However, this could become covered by a backpack or a scarf and with a crocheted or knitted hat made with reflective yarn, this is no longer a worry.

But, this is not just about traffic safety, so we would also love to tell you a little about our glitter thread. Our glitter thread can help add some extra colour to your day, or just give a little oomph to a slightly boring shirt or blouse. The glitter thread can be found in both gold and silver, so whether you like one or the other, we've got something for you.

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What our customers say about Novelty Yarns


I bought this yarn in colours Funky Unicorn Dream, Galaxy and Venus. Amazing! The colours are vibrant and fun. The metallic throughout gives such a funky little vibe. Love them and would not hesitate to order them again!

Delta Rhodes

I love it 🥰. I order Galaxy this time and once again I am in love. The color is beautiful and the yarn is softer then Lion brands Shawl in a ball. Wish there were more color ways in this yarn...


I love, love, Love this yarn! The colors are fantastic. Photos don't do them justice. It is also really soft and warm. I have 2 shawls in progress that I can't wait to get done!

Delta Rhodes

Love It, this yarn is soft, and a good quality. The color was a little darker then in the picture ( I order earth 106), But the color way is still just beautiful.

Carol Croft

OMG! So soft and easy to work with, beautiful long colour changes of exquisite colours. Will definitely be ordering again.....and again.....and again

Catalina Quevedo

I love love love the quality of this yarn. Is easy to work with and the colors are very intense. I will he ordering it again and again !

Carla Lynn Johnson

These colors are Amazing!!! I use these for Shawls and the compliments are just wonderful! Thank You Hobbii 🧶🌹

Suzanne Bibby

I love working with Bumbo Moonlight, it is soft and completed projects are so light yet warm and drape beautifully

Donna Benson

I am making a Christmas garland and this yarn will provide the glitz! It was just what I've been looking for.

Julie l'Ecuyer

Wow just wonderful scrubby yarn...its my favorite...very easy to crochet with..

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