Järbo Yarn

The textile traditions in Järbo goes back to the 1890’s as “Yllefabriken” (The Wool factory). Back then it included, in addition to yarn production, everything from weaving and dyeing to finishing. In the 1960’s, the factory concentrated into yarn production, primarily focused on industrial yarns for the manufacture of upholstery, carpets, curtains and more. Manufacture of handicraft yarns had in previous years been on a smaller scale, but from the early 1980’s this sector increased greatly in scope.

The company has a family background, and is since 1980 run as Järbo Garn by the siblings Jan Blomberg and Kristina Yttermyr. They are also active in the company today. Järbo Garn focused from the start to trade with a focus on craft yarns. The range has expanded significantly, as well as the market shares in Sweden.

”Quality does not cost more – lack of quality costs.”


The business has evolved steadily and today the company stands as one of the leading suppliers of knitting, crocheting and weft yarns. We also have a wide range of accessories for knitting, crocheting and other needlework. Järbo Garns products are well represented throughout the north, and the range of yarns and design is constantly under development.

Today we work with leading producers in many countries, and by imports of large volumes we can offer affordable products at a high quality. Through a flexible material handling and well-developed logistics, we daily provide our retailers with a large number of orders from the central warehouse in Sandviken.

Järbo cares for good quality!

"After much research and long experience in the yarn industry, we know that our customers appreciate quality. This encourages us to constantly monitor our products carefully.

What our customers say about Järbo Yarn

Debra S Hawk

These are small skeins. Make sure you account for the yardage. I plan on making a larger scarf/wrap with it. It feels soft and smooth. It is a little thicker yard than I thought it would be and that is a very good thing. I think it is strong enough to have 36-40 inches in width and long enough to drape over both shoulders and have one end waist length in front and back. This will allow the most different ways to wear it.


Bought this to try Hobbi. The yarn was so soft not one slice in it and arrived in a nice bag . It worked up beautifully into a shawl for me . I will be definitely be purchasing again

Wendy Morris

This is a soft and beautiful yarn. I can't wait to knit a baby sweater with it. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. Thank you for another great product

Claudette Pigeon

So soft and pretty combination of colors For crochet or knit a warm and splendid top I recommand them Love my purchase

Carol Croft

Have fallen in love with this yarn, super soft and squishy........now to pick a design......


I can't believe how soft this yarn is!!!! I can't wait to get started working with it.

Anita Themer

This yarn has a fantastic twist and the colors are beautiful

Laura McDonald

What fun colors. I ordered these to make small snuggle blankets for the children living in the shelter this winter. Our group (Crochet Angels) makes many small security type blankets for the younger children while they go through this stressful time in their lives. Fun and Lively colors, very soft and easy to work with. Thank you

Laura McDonald

I love the colorways of this yarn. The yarn is pretty scratchy but it is wool and I was expecting it to be somewhat scratchy. The colors are beautiful and this yarn works up fast. I will purchase again but i will need to find something different to make than what I originally bought it for

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