Colour changing yarn

Colour changing yarn is very popular for bringing that extra splash of colour to your project. Colour changing yarn is available in a multitude of weights, characteristics, qualities, fibres, and colour combinations. In our shop you will find cotton as well as wool, blends, acrylics, polyamide, nylon, bamboo and polyester - all with beautiful colour changes. We are confident that our range of colour changing yarn will cater to any taste and any crocheting or knitting project.

The many characteristics of colour changing yarn

The wonderful thing about colour changing yarn, is that you are guaranteed to get a colour variegated result, that is bound to spice up any project. All you need to do is decide which one is best suited for whatever you fancy knitting or crocheting. Naturally, it is a matter of personal taste, if you like synthetic yarn or not, but luckily (as mentioned before) we offer a wide range of colour changing yarns to choose from. This also means that we offer different yarns with both long and short colour changes, that will each bring a unique and amazing look to your project.

Good for everyday use

Try using a colour changing yarn made of 100% cotton for adding a splash of colour and pattern to your dishcloths, amigurumi, garments, hot mitts, and the like. Or make lovely shawls, hats, gloves and tops with colour changing yarn made from wool or acrylic fibre. Naturally, the colour changing yarn can also be used for making stunning afghans and toasty socks in delicious variegated shades. Making socks out of colour changing yarns have particularly gained popularity, because it really gives you the opportunity to put your own mark on the socks. This way, colour changing yarn can be used for a multitude of projects - only limited by your own imagination.

Order your  colour changing yarn online - fast and easy

Here at we want to be among the best and fastest in terms of delivery of  colour changing yarn and yarn accessories. Which is why you will always receive your order within three working days of placing your order online. We take pride in our high level of customer services, and you are always welcome to give us a call, if you have any questions about any of our products. You always have the right to return any order placed at our webshop.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions regarding our colour changing yarn or you if need help placing an order. You can reach us by filling out the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You call also call us at +45 31 86 33 57 or email us at We look forward to welcoming you as a customer in our shop.

What our customers say about Colour changing yarn

Naomi Roberts

Having knit well over 250 pair of socks in the past 6 years I feel qualified to review this yarn. It is delightful to knit with. I cast on toe up using the Magic Loop method and then switched to an 8 inch circular needle US1. This sock yarn is a dream to knit with. The yarn is consistent and does not split. It is soft and has excellent stitch definition. The first sock is being knit with color 2. The patterning is pleasing to the eye. There is enough yarn (459 yards) to easily complete an adult pair of socks with a generous leg, or 2 pair of shorty adult socks. I combined my order with a friend to get the free shipping. She is going to be just as delighted with it as I am. She wants to knit a scarf with hers. There is enough yardage to complete a scarf, or small shawl. This yarn is superb. I highly recommend it.

Judie McEnallay

This is just the most beautiful yarn and probably the most expensive I have ever bought but well worth it and I got it in the sale so what a bonus. As I'm relatively new to crochet I have been reluctant to buy very expensive yarn as I didn't think my work would warrant it but have decided that a beautiful yarn will make a beautiful garment. I haven't started a project yet with this yarn but have crocheted a swatch and it is just silky smooth to work with. I can't wait to get started on an infinity scarf with this yarn.

Debra S Hawk

Delicate looking but strong yarn. Beautiful colors. I bought02, 03 and 04, I am making scarves with this yard. They will look very classy and perfect to wear when I want something very nice looking. It is expensive, but it is worth it for the cashmere. Yes, even the sale price it is expensive but worth it because I can make the scarves to my exact specification and not what someone else decided. I prefer to make things the ideal with and length for the wearer.

Joyce Swensson

I purchased color 02. The colors I see online are very very close to the actual colors in the skein I received. I can not tell you how much I appreciate that. The yarn itself is very lovely. It's soft and squishy, not itchy (yea!). It crochets and frogs up easily. My only issue is the price. Just a bit steep for me even discounted to $30 / skein. I hope more colors are to come...


The stripes between the pattern sections were very distinct and clear. Very nice. Could use a little longer pattern part. A sturdy yarn - I would expect the socks I made to wear well. I wish it came in a few more colors. I knitted the Baikal, and it was prettier in real life than it appears here. Quite bold tones! It did have a knot in the skein.

Lucille Laplume

Feells nice and soft. Looking forward to make a pair of socks as soon as I finish the shawl I am making with Patagonia yarn I ordered at the same time. I think Siberia will wear well and be easy care and warm. I like my socks to have a long leg for warmth and with the generous amount on tbis skein I sbould be able to acbieve this longer leg.

Parm G

WOW! Received my package, the yarn is amazing, The colours are vibrant, perfect for socks, headbands, infinity scarves, wristbands, and more. I'll be using these yarns in my antique circular sock knitting machine. So fun! Delivery is fast, even across the oceans to Canada, so glad I found your shop online. Thank you. :)

Cindy Schrimpf

This fiber knits up beautifully. It is not at all fuzzy or is spun with nice long staples. Very soft to the touch. It is knot free. The colorway is wonderful and covers a wide range of shades in a color in a slow repeating pattern with nice personality. Very happy. Must get more!


For the first time in a long time, a was amazed that my internet purchases was worth the wait. The yarn was soft, the coulrs amazing, the price fantastic and only took 14 days to get to Australia. I have already purchassed more. Try it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Cheryl Reynolds

First time to use this yarn ,easy to work with ,doesn't split ,colours blend well ,very Eager to continue crotcheting my virus shawl(one of the many free hobbi patterns I downloaded,thank you ) to see the final result . Only order from hobbi and highly recommend to all I speak to

SAVE 38%

Cotton 8/4 Print - Cotton Kings

100% Cotton

$1.80  $2.90
SAVE 47%

Joy - Bumbo

100% acrylic

$1.80  $3.40
SAVE 48%

Twister - Hobbii

55% Cotton, 45% Acrylic

$15.00  $29.00
SAVE 49%

Lollipop - Hobbii

20% Wool, 80% Acrylic

$9.00  $17.50
SAVE 44%

Twirls Deluxe - Cotton Kings

100% cotton

$15.00  $27.00
SAVE 36%

Cotton 8/4 - Soft Print - Cotton Kings

100% Cotton

$1.80  $2.80
SAVE 37%

Dream Colour - Hobbii

100% Wool

$6.90  $11.00
SAVE 42%

Cookie - Järbo

100% Acrylic

$8.10  $13.90
SAVE 15%

Twirls - Cotton Kings

100% cotton

$13.50  $15.80
SAVE 15%

Happy Feet Print - Hobbii

75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon

$3.90  $4.60
SAVE 14%

Rainbow Cotton 8/8 Print - Hobbii

100% Cotton

$2.70  $3.15
SAVE 36%

1 Class Print Sock Yarn - Mayflower

75% wool, 25% Nylon.

$3.40  $5.30
SAVE 35%

Mayflower's 4 - Mayflower

50% cotton and 50% acrylic

$15.00  $23.00
SAVE 33%

Bambu Raggi - Järbo

50% Superwash Wool, 25% Bamboo, 25% Polyamide

$7.00  $10.49

Rainbow 8/4 Print - Hobbii

100% Cotton

SAVE 16%

Moonlight - Bumbo

98% Acrylic, 2% Polyamide

$6.40  $7.60

Sportsragg Stocking Yarn - Viking

60% wool 20% nylon 20% acrylic


Cotton 8/4 Print - Mayflower

100% Cotton.


Nordlys - Viking

75% superwash-wool 25% nylon

SAVE 37%

Luxury Sock Yarn (Hand Dyed) - Mayflower

75% Superwash Wool , 25% Polyamide

$13.20  $21.00
SAVE 15%

Cotton 8/8 Big Print - Mayflower

100% Cotton.

$2.90  $3.40

Raggi - Järbo

70% Superwash Wool, 30% polyamide

SAVE 40%

Magic Sock Yarn - Mayflower

70% Superwash Wool and 30% Nylon

$5.90  $9.90
SAVE 36%

Spring - Mayflower

69% Cotton, 31% Flax

$4.50  $7.00
SAVE 14%

Woolpower Print - Happy Sheep

100% wool

$7.00  $8.10

Tivoli Print - Hobbii

100% Acrylic.

SAVE 41%

Maya - Järbo

100% wool

$5.00  $8.49
SAVE 26%

Antarctica - World of Yarn

75% Wool, 25% Polyamide

$7.40  $9.99

Acrylic Print 150g - Bumbo

100% acrylic

SAVE 22%

Color Bomb - Cotton Kings

50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic

$21.00  $27.00
SAVE 26%

Patagonia - World of Yarn

75% pure new wool, 25% polyamide

$7.40  $9.99

Soft Raggi - Järbo

65% Acrylic, 30% Bamboo, 5% Polyester

SAVE 24%

Mystery Bag - Rainbow 8/4 Print - Hobbii

100% Cotton

$22.00  $29.00
SAVE 44%

Color Bomb Wonderbag - Cotton Kings

50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic

$60.00  $108.00

Mouliné - Mayflower

100% Cotton.

SAVE 26%

Mystery Bag – Funny Colors (4 skeins) - Lammy

100% Premium Acrylic

$29.00  $39.00 Sold Out
SAVE 16%

Dolce Cashmere - Hobbii

65% superwash virgin wool, 25% polyamid, 10% cashmere

$38.00  $45.49
SAVE 33%

Comfy Print - Mayflower

100% micro polyester

$13.00  $19.49
SAVE 26%

Siberia - World of Yarn

75% pure new wool, 25% polyamide

$7.40  $9.99

MayFlowers 3 - Mayflower

50% cotton and 50% acrylic.


Merino Magic (Handdyed) - Mayflower

100% Merino Wool

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