Bamboo Yarn

Yarn made from bamboo fibre is a popular soft yarn. It can be used for many different crocheting and knitting projects, since it is super versatile. Besides from being very usable, it is also sustainable, which does not make it any less amazing.

The many characteristics of the bamboo yarn

In contrast to for example alpaca and sheep wool, that are both animal fibre, bamboo yarn is extracted from plant fibres, which is much more environmentally friendly. Not many manufacturers make a yarn from 100 % bamboo fibre, as that may have some disadvantages. For this reason, our bamboo yarn has been mixed with cotton and acrylic, resulting in  a very attractive yarn for knitting and crocheting. The bamboo yarn has become increasingly more popular, because it offers some other qualities than the traditional types of yarn being sustainable. For this exact reason, bamboo yarn is also highly suitable for people who are allergic to synthetic fibres or wool - moreover,  bamboo yarn is a natural material which holds antibacterial qualities and is healthy for the skin.

Good for everyday use

Bamboo yarn is an excellent choice for a variety of crocheting and knitting projects, seen as it  is both very durable and breathable, making it very suitable for socks, jumpers and shawls alike. The most common use of the bamboo yarn, however, is for socks, since it is mixed with acrylic fibre, which is equality very hardwearing. This way you get the best of both worlds. Other projects for your home would also make a perfect match for the bamboo yarn, for example towels, dishcloths, and afghans. One thing is certain - when you work with bamboo yarn you are sure to get an end result that is both comfortable and durable.

In our shop, you can get the bamboo yarn in a variety of lovely shades that can easily be combined with other just as lovely shades. You can choose our Järbo Soft Raggi yarn, which consists of many colours in the same ball of yarn. This can give your products a very unique and special look.

Order your  bamboo yarn online - fast and easy

Here at we want to be among the best and fastest in terms of delivery of  bamboo yarn and yarn accessories. Which is why you will always receive your order within three working days of placing your order online. We take pride in our high level of customer services, and you are always welcome to give us a call, if you have any questions about any of our products. You always have the right to return any order placed at our webshop.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions regarding our bamboo yarn or if you need help placing an order. You can reach us by filling out the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You call also call us at +45 31 86 33 57 or email us at We look forward to welcoming you as a customer in our shop.

What our customers say about Bamboo Yarn


Bamboo yarn has a lovely feel to it. I am anxious to start a project using Tropik. Ordering was easy and the shipping to the US was surprisingly fast. When I found 3 skeins of one color I’d ordered was missing from the package, replacements were shipped immediately. However I am disappointed that this line is being discontinued. If I really like working with it, I can’t get more.

Lee Germaine-Young

I love this yarn! It is everything you could want. Beautiful drape, excellent texture and the sheen makes you believe that it’s a $300 sweater. It’s my new favorite yarn! ❤️ I bought enough for 2 of the deep back with sleeves sweaters. I would like to also mention that the package arrived in less than ten days and I could track it all the way to my mail box. Very happy customer.

Evelyn Shannon

Ok. At first i was a bit disappointed. It was thinner than i thought. So there it sat on my table. The color, rose, was just soooo beautiful. So i just played with it a little. I tried crocheting with two strands...yay for me! It has everything you need to make a shawl, kimono, etc. Texture, great drape, INCREDIBLE sheen. Pretty near a perfect yarn. I ADORE it.

A Bermel

I"m reviewing this on feel alone as I haven't started my project yet. I have a couple other projects to finish first. This yarn is so soft I can't wait to wear it around my neck. I plan to make the Architexture Shawl with it and as soon as I get a little bit done, I will review it again and let you know what it's like to work with.

Dawn Danka

I’m already in love with this yarn and I’ve only just taken it out of the bag! The colours are stunning and I can’t stop touching it.... the skinfeel of this yarn tells me I’m making something for myself first and foremost; that’s the ultimate thumbs up!!!

Marena subba

Gorgeous and soft and beautiful to touch. The colour was what I expected but the skeins were smaller and the yarn finer than I expected. I cannot wait to make my daughter something as I know it will be lovely to wear.

Bethany Karlsson

I only ordered a few balls because I wasn't sure what I would get. Now i am kicking myself. I'm going to order more in quite a few colors. It's really soft. It works up well and the finished item is beautiful.

Rafidah Kassim

I have been looking for this yarn for a long time! As I'm allergic to wool I love using this yarn. The thickness is perfect and has lovely feel and texture. The choice of colours are very good too.


Gorgeous yarn! So soft, with a beautiful texture. Lovely soft feel against skin. A beautiful range of colours too. Cannot wait yo use this beautiful yarn. Thank you Hobbii Yarn!

Leanne Elliot

Beautiful wool, cannot wait to make my next project using this and also using your free pattern. Great company to purchase from and super quick international postage. Thankyou

SAVE 52%

Tropical - Järbo

50% Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 25% Acrylic

$2.40  $5.00

Tencel Bamboo - Go Handmade

40% Tencel, 60% Bamboo


Vintage - Go Handmade

70% Wool, 30% Bamboo


Soft - Go Handmade

70% Bamboo, 23% Cotton, 7% Acrylic


Soft Raggi - Järbo

65% Acrylic, 30% Bamboo, 5% Polyester Elastane

SAVE 43%

Soft Raggi - Wonderbag - Järbo

65% Acrylic, 30% Bamboo, 5% Polyester Elastane

$27.00  $47.50

Arezzo Lin - Hjertegarn

29% Linnen, 37% Cotton og 34% Bamboo

SAVE 20%

Bambu Raggi - Järbo

50% Superwash Wool, 25% Bamboo, 25% Polyamide

$8.40  $10.49

Tilda Bamboo - Svarta Fåret

50% cotton, 50% bamboo

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