Organic yarn

Organic yarn is perfect  if you are concerned about sustainability. Here at Hobbii, we have a sense of environmental responsibility and we are proud to offer you a wide range of different organic yarns, enabling you to knit or crochet with a clear conscience. All our organic yarn is manufactured with 100% organic ingredients and sustainable dyes only,  in compliance with the  GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), solely supplied from certified dealers.

The many advantages of organic yarn

When you purchase organic yarn from our shop, you can rest assured that the quality is excellent. Shopping for organic  yarn in our shop, offers you the choice between 100 % organic cotton and 100 % organic wool. Besides from which you can also find cotton and wool blends. Naturally, there are many other advantages related to buying organic  yarn - not only do you care for the environment, organic  yarn is also extremely soft on the skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin, you can benefit from using organic  yarn, which will feel amazing and will not scratch, itch or in any way trouble you.

Good for everyday use

Organic  yarn can be used for knitting or crocheting almost anything. Be it jumpers, hats, mittens, or scarves, stuffed teddies or baby rattles, safe enough for your baby to chew on without risking getting chemicals in his or her mouth. Furthermore, organic  yarn is incredibly easy to work with even for beginners. Knitting or crocheting alike, you can benefit from using organic  yarn, that is guaranteed to give you a smooth start to your crocheting or knitting career - not to mention a glorious end resultat.

At Hobbii, we realise that you face many decisions every day. So we aim to make it easy for you to knit or crochet in your spare time, without having to worry about chemicals or poor quality. When you choose to shop for yarn in our shop, we have ensured  that everything is topnotch.

Order your organic yarn online - fast and easy

Here at we want to be among the best and fastest in terms of delivery of  organic yarn and yarn accessories. Which is why you will always receive your order within three working days of placing your order online. We take pride in our high level of customer services, and you are always welcome to give us a call, if you have any questions about any of our products. You always have the right to return any order placed at our webshop.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions regarding our organic yarn or if you need help placing an order. You can reach us by filling out the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You call also call us at +45 31 86 33 57 or email us at We look forward to welcoming you as a customer in our shop.

What our customers say about Organic yarn


Always so exciting to get happy mail from Hobbii! This yarn is extremely soft and the colors are gorgeous. The only budget friendly organic yarn I could find in so many colors! And it does not disappoint.


I ordered this for myself and liked it so much I ordered more to give as a gift. I'm so pleased to have an organic yarn. The skeins are small but large enough for the amigurumi projects I have planned. I'm located in the US. Shipping was prompt and affordable. Highly recommend.

amanda sabin

I have a 21-year-old that my mother-in-law to be is making us a custom blanket. We love the The knowledge that this cotton is organic, and will only get better with time! We have afghans from my great grandmother etc. and I can’t wait to add this next one to our collection. We saw the colours in the yard first and later realized that this company was in Denmark. The shipping was extremely affordable and it got here lightning fast. They will not disappoint! We live in Nashville Tennessee

Monica Doll

I got a book of knitted dishcloth patterns but quickly realized it called for cotton, fingering yarn. I could not find it anywhere in the U.S., but found it here at Hobbii!! The selection and price were wonderful and the shipping very reasonable. I am so thrilled with this yarn and will be back soon to explore other colors and weights of yarn. Service and communication were amazing too!!

Lyn Mckunnon

My first time using this product and this site. Great communication by the lady running the site and absolutely love this cotton. It slides through the hook and looks beautifully even. I bought several colours all lovely. Thank you so much. I have ordered more.

Barbara Harding

So pleased to receive parcel containing Nature Organic Wool, have started knitting a baby cardigan in colour 02, knitting up beautifully, so lovely and soft, ideal for baby garments. Parcel arrived promptly, I will be ordering more wool from Hobbii.


I bought 4 different colors of this yarn, the colors and feel of this yarn is wonderful. I can't wait to crochet with it. When I had questions about my order I got excellent service. Shipping took a while but it was worth the wait. Thank you Hobbii

Julia E Smith

Rainbow Organic is so unbelievably soft and high quality yarn. The yarn thinner than the usual fingering weight, so it makes for a lighter, more breathable cloth. Its just perfect for summer time. I love that it's certified organic too! LOVE LOVE LOVE

heather stone

Anxiously awaited this yarn and after it arrived from it long trip I was so wonderfully surprised at it's quality. Knits up so lovely and even has a bit of a bounce instead of that tough ridged yarn cotton normally is. Can't wait to oder again

Sandra Weimer

I am using the light apricot color to make dolls and it is just perfect! It crochets very nicely, even with a small hook (1.9) and does not twist or shred. I have already ordered more. I am very happy with it and with the prices!

SAVE 56%

Rainbow Organic 8/8 - Hobbii

100% Organic cotton

$1.80  $4.10
SAVE 46%

Nature (Organic Wool) - Hobbii

100% organic wool

$4.35  $8.10
SAVE 18%

Organic 8/4 Cotton - Mayflower

100% Organic cotton

$2.80  $3.40

Rainbow Organic 8/4 - Hobbii

100% Organic Cotton

SAVE 51%
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