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    Meet the Designer: Ilaria Caliri

    Dive into amigurumi with Ilaria Caliri, and explore her three new free patterns in our exclusive Q&A! 🦀🐠🐚

    Meet the Designer: Projectarian

    Meet the designer behind the upcoming #UnderwaterTailsCAL. 🌊

    Meet the Designer: Taylor Bento

    Get a glimpse into the creative world of Taylor Bento in this exclusive Q&A. Explore her 'Carry On' collection, featuring three free crochet bag patterns. Perfect inspiration for your next crochet project! ✨

    Meet the Designer: Knitwits & Yarns

    We’ve had a talk with Brendan Girak, aka Knitwits & Yarns. Get inspired by his simple and mindful approach to knitting in this blog post. 🧘 Oh, and did we mention that Brendan just released 3 brand-new (and FREE) beanie patterns?

    Meet the Designer: Pica Pau (Christmas Edition)

    Dive into the whimsical world of Pica Pau with designer Yan Schenkel. Discover the inspirations behind her cute characters and delve into her Argentinian Christmas traditions. ✨ Psst! Have you seen the 5 new, free-to-download amigurumi patterns?

    Meet the Designer: Katie Jones (Christmas Edition)

    Dust off those needles and hooks, and get ready to deck your halls Katie Jones-style! In the spirit of Christmas, Katie has designed 5 new patterns (both knit and crochet!) to sprinkle your December with merriment. We chatted with Katie and in this blog post, she reveals her inspiration for the 5 Candyland patterns and shares her top tips! 🌟

    Meet the Designer: kolibri by johanna (Q&A)

    Meet Johanna, the knitting designer behind the elegant and modern brand, kolibri by johanna. In this blog post, Johanna talks about being a knitting designer, finding her own design process and sooo much more. Also, she talks about her new collaboration with Hobbii and the new Japandi patterns!

    Meet the Designer: Stine Hoelgaard

    Meet Stine Hoelgaard – the designer behind the patterns in this year’s Hobbii advent calendar. Stine does both knitting and crochet, and she has one very special Christmas tradition. Read more about Stine here!

    Meet the Designer: TL Yarn Crafts (Q&A)

    If you love simple crochet patterns that are easy to understand and also enjoy stylish yet practical designs, you probably already know TL Yarn Crafts. In this blog post, the designer behind the new Happy Place yarn reveals how she designs her patterns and what her favourite techniques are. Also, get her top three tips! 

    Meet the Designer: Katie Jones

    If you love colors and shapes like we do at Hobbii, then Katie Jones is an essential designer to know! Katie has developed a unique and colorful pattern universe and she is the mastermind behind the patterns for the #NoShadesOfGrey Make-Along. Learn more about Katie in this blog post and be prepared to get inspired by her creative spirit.

    Meet the Designer: Laura Dalgaard

    Laura Dalgaard is the knitting designer behind the brand new tiger design supporting WWF-Denmark’s work to save the world’s wild tiger populations. We asked Laura about her thoughts on the collaboration and design process - and she even gave us a bit of advice, too.

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