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    How to Crochet the Tri Color Linen Stitch

    TL YARN CRAFTS TAKEOVER – Learn the Tri Color Linen Stitch and take your crochet projects from basic to beautiful with pattern designer Toni Lipsey. Also, get the free pattern for the The Tri Color Trays!

    5 Tips for Picking Perfect Color Palettes

    TL YARN CRAFTS TAKEOVER – One of the best things about starting a new project is finding the perfect colors! Here, Toni Lipsey shares her 5 best tips on how to create a harmonious color palette that perfectly capture the vibe you’re going for.

    How to Crochet the Clawfoot Stitch

    TL YARN CRAFTS TAKEOVER – Pick up your crochet hook! It’s time to learn how to crochet the clawfoot stitch used in the On The Go Bag pattern. And your teacher for the day … Toni Lipsey!

    8 New Crochet Patterns from TL Yarn Crafts

    Do you love TL Yarn Crafts’ patterns as much as we do? Then these 8 BRAND-NEW patterns from Toni Lipsey will get your crafty crochet hands all fired up! Grab your crochet hooks and find your next project … or the next 8 projects! We can’t seem to pick just one!

    Meet the Designer: TL Yarn Crafts (Q&A)

    If you love simple crochet patterns that are easy to understand and also enjoy stylish yet practical designs, you probably already know TL Yarn Crafts. In this blog post, the designer behind the new Happy Place yarn reveals how she designs her patterns and what her favourite techniques are. Also, get her top three tips! 

    TL Yarn Crafts x Hobbii: Happy Place

    Are you ready for the BEST news? We collaborated with TL Yarn Crafts (aka Toni Lipsey) and developed Happy Place - a beautiful and soft yarn that will transport you to your very own creative happy place. Are you ready to find your Happy Place? Read more about it here!

    Crochet School: Simple Lines Shawl

    Learn how to crochet the Simple Lines Shawl with our free crochet school. In this blog post, you can sign up for the cozy crochet school and get an overview of the techniques you will be learning.

    Part 1: Simple Lines Shawl - Good to know

    Are you ready for the initial crochet exercises before tackling the Simple Lines Shawl? Then grab your crochet hook and yarn because it is time to learn how to do chains, turning chains, and double crochets in your very first gauge swatch.

    Part 2: Simple Lines Shawl - Get off to a good start

    You have reached the fun part! It’s time to start crocheting the first few rows of your Simple Lines Shawl. Keep calm and grab your crochet hook. It’s time to dive into the fun world of chain stitches, double crochets, and triple/treble crochets! As always, I will guide you through the project step by step.

    Part 3: Simple Lines Shawl - Add an edge

    Want to add those beautiful finishing touches to your shawl? How about adding an edge? In this blog post, we will introduce you to 4 beautiful edges that are easy to do.

    Crochet School: Ribbon Bread Basket

    Learn how to crochet the popular Ribbon Bread Basket in our free crochet school. You can sign up for the class and get an overview of the techniques you will learn.

    Part 1: Ribbon Bread Basket - Get off to a good start

    We are ready to get started on the bread basket. We will guide you through it with video tutorials, thorough explanations, and tips and tricks to make crocheting a breeze!

    Part 2: Ribbon Bread Basket - The sides of the basket

    It is time to do the sides of your bread basket, so you are already halfway to your final destination on this bread basket adventure. With explanations, photos, and videos, I will guide you through the entire process.

    Part 3: Ribbon Bread Basket - The final touches
    We are not all the same, and our bread baskets certainly don’t need to be either. In this third part of the bread basket tutorial, I will show you five different ways to add a little extra pizzazz to your basket to get that personal touch we all want.Yaaaaay, you ...
    How to Wash Wool Yarn: A Step by Step Guide

    The thought of incorrectly washing a crocheted or knitted project after spending countless hours on it can be quite daunting. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive step by step guide on how to wash wool and how to care for your finished pieces for years to come.

    Video Tutorial: Donnie the Dino Baby Comforter

    Do you want to learn how to crochet amigurumi? Then you are in the right place! In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step guide to the beginner-friendly Donnie the Dino pattern.

    Single crochet decrease (sc dec)

    Single crochet decreases are done by crocheting two single crochets together and combining them into a single stitch. Follow our video and learn how to do the simple single crochet decrease.

    Double crochet decrease (dc dec)

    Have you fallen for a pattern with a double crochet decrease? Follow this step-by-step guide and master the technique!

    Single Crochet Increase (sc inc)

    Increasing sounds complicated, but it’s not! Watch our video and learn how to do the simple single crochet increase.

    Double crochet increase (dc inc)

    Check out this video tutorial and learn how to do a double crochet increase.

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