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    Half Double Crochet (hdc) (US)

    Learn how to crochet the half double crochet with these photo guides and video tutorials.

    Hobbii Giveaways: Win Amazing Yarn Prizes

    Do you love yarn and contests? Here is an overview of our regular giveaways where you can win lovely yarn prizes.

    Crocheting in the back loop (only) (bl / blo)

    Some patterns ask you to crochet in the back loop only. We will teach you how to identify the back loop of a stitch so that you will be able to create beautiful ribbing and make nice transitions in your crocheted projects.

    Popcorn Stitch

    The popcorn stitch is a fun and bubbly stitch that will give any crocheted project a unique texture. We will show you how to do this fun stitch right here.

    Picot Stitch

    You can add a beautiful picot edge to spice up almost any crochet project. We will show you how to add this adorable finishing touch right here.

    Long Single Crochet (lsc)

    The long single crochet is an easy stitch to master. Learn how to crochet this super simple stitch right here!

    Treble Crochet Stitch (tr) (US)

    The treble crochet is - as you may have guessed from the name - an expansion on the double crochet. Learn how to crochet the treble crochet stitch with our photo and video tutorials.

    Double Crochet Stitch (dc) (US)

    The double crochet stitch is a basic stitch used in lots of different patterns because it adds a beautiful structure to your project and makes it nice and flexible. It is a must-know crochet technique. Luckily, it’s super simple.

    Meet the Designer: Katie Jones

    If you love colors and shapes like we do at Hobbii, then Katie Jones is an essential designer to know! Katie has developed a unique and colorful pattern universe and she is the mastermind behind the patterns for the #NoShadesOfGrey Make-Along. Learn more about Katie in this blog post and be prepared to get inspired by her creative spirit.

    Join Us for the Most Colorful Make-Along of the Year

    #NoShadesOfGreyMAL is a Mystery Make-Along for anyone who loves color. The British designer Katie Jones is the talented designer behind the secret pattern, which will be published in 6 parts.

    Single Crochet (sc) (US)

    Try your hand at crocheting single crochets with our help! We will guide you through this basic and easy crochet technique with step-by-step video tutorials and image guide.

    Slip Stitch (sl st)

    Learn how to crochet the slip stitch with our step-by-step video tutorials and image guides. This super simple technique is great to know when it’s time to finish your project.

    Chain Stitch (ch)

    The simple chain stitch is one of the most basic crochet techniques out there. You will quickly notice that many patterns ask you to start your project with a foundation chain made of chain stitches.

    Slip Knot (Starting Loop)

    Are you ready to start your first crochet project? Then the very first step is to make an ultra-easy slip knot, aka starting loop.

    Alternative to the Magic Ring

    Are you tired of making countless magic rings - and failing? We are here to save you. Because there is actually a super simple alternative to the magic ring!

    The Magic Ring (mr) - Three Techniques

    One of the most essential techniques in crochet is the magic ring, and it can really take your projects to the next level. Not familiar with the magic ring? We will show you three different techniques to help you master the magic ring.

    Single Rib Stitch

    Ribbing is a beautiful, stretchy, and versatile finish you can add to your projects. We will guide you through the simple stitch pattern.

    How to Cast Off

    The end is in sight. It is time to finish your project. Learn how to cast off right here.

    Purl Stitch (p)

    Learn how to knit the purl stitch with our step-by-step guide - includes video.

    Knit Stitch (k)

    Learn the easiest and most basic stitch: The knit stitch.

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