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    The Hobbii Conversion Chart – Your Guide to Choosing the Right Hook Size

    Have you also been puzzled by the different sizes of crochet hooks? You're certainly not the only one! That's why we're excited to introduce The Hobbii Conversion Chart!

    7 Reasons to Finally Try Tunisian Crochet

    TL YARN CRAFTS TAKEOVER – Tunisian Crochet is a unique craft that resembles the look of both knitting and traditional crochet. In this blog post, Toni Lipsey herself will give you 7 reasons why you should give the technique with the beautiful stitches a try!

    5 Tips for Picking Perfect Color Palettes

    TL YARN CRAFTS TAKEOVER – One of the best things about starting a new project is finding the perfect colors! Here, Toni Lipsey shares her 5 best tips on how to create a harmonious color palette that perfectly capture the vibe you’re going for.

    The Gauge Swatch: How to Measure Your Crochet Tension

    Measuring crochet tension is key! A gauge swatch will help you determine the right crochet hook size for your project as well as getting an awesome outcome of the finished piece. With this guide, you'll be able to crochet gauge swatches with ease.

    6 tips for perfect mandalas

    The secret to a beautiful mandala? Symmetry! Read and learn how to make the most beautiful mandalas 🤩

    5 tips for perfect amigurumi

    Are you as nuts about amigurumi as I am? Then this blog post should be right up your alley! I’ve made several amigurumi in my time as a crocheter, and I’ve learned some tricks along the way that ensure even and beautiful results every time. And I’d like to share them with you right here 🥰

    How to Ensure Even Tension Throughout Your Crochet Project

    Crooked rows, uneven sleeves, different size socks. An uneven crochet tension may lead to uneven results. Learn how to keep an even tension and get beautiful results over and over.

    Help with pacifier clips

    There were many things I was unsure of when I made my first clip, so I have made it easier for you to get started.

    7 tricks that’ll make joining pieces as easy as pie

    One of my favorite things to crochet is amigurumi. The progress is fast, so you can see the results quickly. But where it almost always stalls when you make amigurumi is when you need to join the pieces. It’s really tedious! So, that’s why I’ve gathered my best tips and tricks on how to make the joining process a little easier. 

    4 crochet tips you need to know

    I’m a member of numerous groups for crocheters on Facebook, and I love to look at both Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration for my next project, which means I always have a project going. Over time, I have found some crochet tips that have saved me time and time again 😀

    5 annoying crochet problems that we all know - and how to avoid them
    If you’re like me and crochet a lot, I’m sure that you have also encountered problems that make you go crazy!I have chosen 5 of these common crochet problems, that I’m sure you can recognize.These are the 5 problems that I most often encounter, and I have tried to find ...
    Achieve Successful Decreases
    During your crochet career, you can hardly avoid decreasing in order to crochet something like a ball or amigurumi - if you do not know about amigurumi then read here and learnWhen I crochet a ball, or amigurumi, I prefer to crochet in cotton and with a Clover Soft Touch ...
    Amigurumi - What Is It?
    YES you read that right - amigurumi! It's not exactly a word that rolls off your tongue, and you'll probably be unsure of how to pronounce it - but luckily it's not that crucial. What is crucial, on the other hand, is that you know what it is if you ...
    Magic Ring - This Is How You Master It
    If you've been crocheting for a while, you've definitely come across the phrase '' magic ring '' in a pattern. It is a crochet technique that is indispensable if you want to crochet more than blankets and dishcloths ;-) It is used for crocheting things like baskets or teddy bears. ...
    How to make perfect increases
    When working in the round, it’s essential to know how to increase. You need to be able to increase if you crochet a ball or other round shapes. Do you know how to make a magic ring? This blogpost has pictures showing a circle, worked as a spiral, and not a circle, ...
    How to crochet for hours without getting pain
    Do you ever get sore wrists and muscles when you crochet? Then keep reading and learn more about ergonomic crochet.What is ergonomics and what does it mean for your crochet projects?Ergonomics, in short, is about how the body functions during work. When you crochet, you use your body and it ...
    Are you crocheting on the right or wrong side?

    It’s not always easy to tell whether you’re crocheting on the right or the wrong side – and I’m speaking from experience here. It might not even affect your project whether you’re crocheting on the right or wrong side, but sometimes the look and feel of your project may end up a little more fuzzy or fluffy if you crochet with the wrong side out. Read more about why and how here. 

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