TL YARN CRAFTS TAKEOVER – Do you admire Toni of TL Yarn Crafts for her ability to create harmonious colour palettes that perfectly match certain moods and themes? Then you should read this blog post where Toni reveals her top 5 tips for creating beautiful colour palettes.

This blog post was written by Toni Lipsey, crochet designer and educator of TL Yarn Crafts.

Choosing a color palette for an upcoming crochet project can be so nerve-wracking. While you might have a few favorite colors you gravitate toward, now is a good time to think outside the box and add some new colors to the rotation.

In this blog post, I’ll share a few things to consider when building harmonious palettes and my five top tips for choosing the perfect colors for any project.

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What is a Color Palette? 

A color palette is a collection of colors used in a crochet or knit project. Any set of two or more colors can be called a palette, which creates the mood and overall look of the finished piece. 

Creating color palettes can be difficult since there are so many colors and yarn types to choose from. With many of us purchasing yarn online, committing to a yarn or set of colors without seeing them in person can be troublesome. If you find making palettes particularly overwhelming, try working with solid colors, as they’re easier to mix and match. 

What to Consider When Picking Color Palettes

I’m the kind of maker that likes to dive right into a project. But a bit of patience and consideration goes a long way in choosing a color palette that you will love. If you’re still unsure about color, consider these points before committing to a palette:

  • Texture: Texture plays a big part in the final look and feel of your project. If you plan to mix textures in your project, consider a monochromatic color palette (where all the colors look similar) for a polished and sophisticated look. Mixing colors and textures adds a freeform quality to finished pieces.

Try making this Berry Sweater that gives you plenty of opportunities to play around with colours and textures!

  • Dye Style: Contemporary yarns can range from semi-solid to gradient, variegated and self-striping, with a dozen dye styles in between. Tonal or solid colors are the easiest to build color palettes from, as they have the same color(s) throughout the skein. Pair a variegated skein with a coordinating solid to add personality to your project. 

  • Mixing Brands: If you have trouble building the perfect palette from just one yarn brand, consider going across brands. Check sites like for suitable substitutions to see if another brand has the perfect color you’re missing. 

This Bestie Scarf is a fun Tunisian crochet pattern where you can let your imagination run wild and create a bold, calm, or vibrant colour palette - it’s up to you!

Color Palette Picking Tips

Still need help picking those color palettes? I’ve got you! Here are 5 tips to get you closer to the color palette of your dreams:

  1. Check your closet and living spaces. You likely have a color palette that you typically gravitate toward already. My closet holds one of my favorite palettes, while I decorate and accessorize with a different palette. Look at your living spaces and make note of the colors you like, as well as the colors that are missing that you’d like to use.

  2. Go on a pinning spree. Have some fun creating a Pinterest board for your upcoming project. Begin by uploading existing elements (see Tip 1 above), then add whatever else speaks to you visually. Don’t limit yourself to knitwear - pin whatever you like. Color inspo comes in many forms. Make note of recurring colors and themes.

  3. Narrow things down by the vibe. If you have too many colors to pick from and don’t see a path forward, stop and ask yourself “What do I want to feel when I interact with this piece?” Are you going for a sporty vibe, something classy, playful, demure, or something else altogether? Figure out the vibe of your finished piece, where it will go, and how you’ll style it to narrow down potential colors.

  4. Try a Color Palette Generator. Color palette generators like Coolors, Pantone, Canva, and Color Hunt are chock full of color inspiration. Create a color palette based on an image, explore popular color palettes by genre, and have some fun developing random color palettes. This is one of my favorite ways to discover my new favorite colors.

  5. Build from 1-2 main colors. If all else fails, try my fool-proof color palette method. Choose 1-2 main colors that you must have in your project. Then pick a neutral coordinating color. Follow that with another neutral with high contrast. And that’s your palette! 

Need some inspiration for your next project? Try one of the color palette I used in the Checked Out Blanket, Tri Color Trays, or Squish Pillow. See the color palettes below.

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Thanks for joining me to discuss yarn and color - my two favorite topics! I hope this post highlights how fun the challenge of building color palettes can be. Have fun, be adventurous, and give every color a try - you may be surprised at the range of palettes you can make.

This blog post was written by Toni Lipsey, crochet designer and educator of TL Yarn Crafts. Toni is known for her easy-to-follow crochet patterns for crocheters of all skill levels, and she loves to share her knowledge, experience, and favorite products on her blog, YouTube, and Instagram. Recently, she collaborated with us here at Hobbii to create Happy Place, a wonderful yarn made of 50% cotton and 50% wool.

Would you like to get to know Toni better? Read our Q&A with her here.