We can’t get a new yarn without getting new patterns, too. So Toni Lipsey (aka TL Yarn Crafts) designed no less than 8 gorgeous patterns for you to crochet with the lovely Happy Place yarn. Can’t wait to get started? Check out the 8 patterns here!

We LOVE TL Yarn Crafts’ designs! Can’t get enough of Toni Lipsey’s stunning and elegant crochet patterns either? Check this out!

We collaborated with Toni to create Happy Place - a dream yarn made from a lovely blend of wool and cotton. But wait, there’s more! Because Toni also designed 8 brand-new crochet patterns that you can download free of charge!

With these patterns, Toni aims to show you how versatile Happy Place is:

"For the collection of Happy Place patterns, I incorporated many different colors, techniques, and stitches to show off how well this yarn works for nearly every kind of project. I also wanted to design a collection of favorites – patterns makers would want to stitch again and again."

Already got your crochet hook in hand? Keep reading to find your next project! In this blog post, we got Toni to tell us a little more about the 8 new patterns.

Want this On The Go bag as your next must-make project?

1. On The Go – Bag

You’ll want to take the On The Go-bag with you wherever you go! It has plenty of room for all your yarn, your project, and your accessories. And this particular bag holds a special place in Toni’s heart:

“Personally, I’m a big fan of the On The Go Bag – I’ve pulled yarns to make 3 more bags!”

This project is an easy make if you’re already an experienced crocheter, making it the perfect project to decompress with. Just shut off your brain and let your hands work their magic. 

Download the pattern here

These trays are great for beginners.

2. Tri Color – Trays

The Tri Color trays are constructed from a simple rectangle, and they’re Toni’s take on an easy-to-make pattern for new crocheters:

“I’d start with the Tri Color Trays. These are smaller projects that give crocheters a taste of what it’s like to use the Happy Place yarn. You get to play with three different colors while getting the instant gratification of a short-term project.“

You’re going to be working tri-color linen stitches (also called moss stitches). But don’t worry - we promise it isn’t as hard as it sounds! Skip to this blog post where Toni shows you how to do just that!

Download the pattern here

Woooow! Look at the pretty details in this cardigan!

3. Fairy Dust – Cardigan

Toni didn’t forget about the expert crocheters who need an extra challenge from time to time.

“Go right for the Fairy Dust Cardigan. This project challenges makers to find the perfect color to personalize their project. The Fairy Dust Cardigan has small details that allow crocheters to personalize their piece.”

The cardigan is worked top down, and it’s a wonderful introduction to crochet raglan shaping. And have you seen the cute bell sleeves and the delicate picot bordering? I mean, WOW! 

Download the pattern here

Lots of beautiful, subtle shades and interesting textures are what you can expect if you choose to crochet this stunning shawl.

4. Open Book – Wrap 

Another great pattern option for the experienced crocheter is this exciting shawl, providing you with plenty of opportunities to create your own dream design.

“The Open Book Wrap uses a wide color palette, offering plenty of opportunity to customize the shawl of your dreams.“

The shawl pairs classic granny stripes with structured popcorn stitches. Combine and play around with different colors to get a fun new vibe. Toni’s top tip is to pick a contrasting border color to make the other colors pop.

Not sure how to create a harmonious color palette? Read this blog post where Toni shares more of her top tips!

Download the pattern here

Why limit yourself to one color when Happy Place Solid and Happy Place Melange come in so many stunning shades?

5. Checked Out – Plaid

Are you ready for a larger project? Then you should make this gorgeous blanket worked in Tunisian crochet. If you’ve followed Toni for a while, you’ll know that she LOVES Tunisian crochet.

“Tunisian crochet never looked so good! The Checked Out Blanket combines join-as-you-go panels with a textured stitch pattern for a colorful blanket you’ll want to keep all to yourself.”

Curious about Tunisian crochet? Let Toni convince you to give this beautiful technique a go. Get her top 7 reasons in this blog post.

Download the pattern here

Let this beanie be your trusted companion.

6. Serene Stripes - Beanie

Here’s another Tunisian crochet pattern! If you haven’t tried this technique before, this multi-color striped beanie with a textured brim is a great place to start. Toni hopes this beanie will become your new favorite.

“Designed for all seasons and skill levels, the Serene Stripes Beanie will be a staple in your casual wardrobe.”

The project is also a very good way to try out Tunisian crochet for the first time since this pattern will teach you the basics. Yay!

Download the pattern here

Ohh, this super-soft pillow is a must for your couch this season!

7. Squish - Pillow

As you may have guessed, the Squish pillow is extremely squishy! So, if you love curling up on the couch with a good book, this pillow will support both the comfy and the crazy reading positions.

“Featuring bold color blocking and a textured stitch pattern, the Squish Pillow is the perfect companion for marathon reading sessions and mid-day naps. Make yours by working in the round and fill it to your desired firmness.”

Download the pattern her

Chilly is a long scarf with fun pom poms attached to the ends.

8. Chilly - Pom Scarf

Express yourself with a scarf in your favorite colors. 

“Reach for the Chilly Pom Scarf on those early days of autumn. This extra-long scarf gets a dose of flair from geometric color placement and cute pom poms made from leftover yarn.”

Download the pattern here

Check out all the patterns and find your Happy Place here