We’ve teamed up with WWF-Denmark and Danish knitting designer Laura Dalgaard to create a super cool tiger design. Buy the pattern and support the wild tigers by knitting this iconic tiger for yourself, your friend, your child, or your grandmother.

Now you can help make a difference for the world’s wild tiger populations with the help of your knitting needles - yes, you read that right! Isn’t that wild?  🐯

We’ve teamed up with WWF-Denmark and the Danish knitting designer Laura Dalgaard to create a cool, new design and, thus, support the important work that WWF-Denmark is doing to help the wild tigers in the world by buying the pattern.

The new design is a sweater in Evergreen with a large and iconic tiger motif. The pattern comes in both adult (XS-4XL) and children’s sizes (2-12 years). All earnings from the sale of the pattern go directly to WWF-Denmark’s work to help the wild tigers.

Buy the pattern and support the wild tigers.

The Tiger is Endangered

Sadly, the world’s tiger populations are endangered. 100 years ago, we had around 100.000 wild tigers roaming the earth. In 2010, that number had gone down to just around 3.200 tigers.

WWF-Denmark is working hard to save the tigers. But despite all their efforts and a slow but steady increase in the tiger populations over the last years, the world’s tigers are still endangered. They need more wild habitats, and they’re hunted by poachers who have set up millions of snares in the Southeast-Asian woods. But the snares don’t just catch tigers, they also catch many of the other wild animals living in the forests like elephants and monkeys. Thus, these traps aren’t just a danger to the tigers but to the world’s biodiversity as a whole.

WWF-Denmark is the driving force behind several efforts to help the wild tigers in the 13 countries where the tigers naturally live and have lived before. They send out ranger patrols to remove snares and stop poachers. In addition, they protect the tiger's natural habitats and their prey, which are also important factors to the future survival of the wild tigers.

👆Buy the tiger design in both adult and children’s sizes. Find the design here.

Iconic Tiger Motif by Laura Dalgaard

The talent behind this beautiful tiger design is the Danish knitting designer Laura Dalgaard. She’s known for her highly original knitting universe full of cool statement pieces in unique color combinations.

We spoke to her about her thoughts on this collaboration:

Since I was a child, nature has been important to me, especially the animals, and I think we have a responsibility to take care of our nature and cherish it.

I got the chance to contribute by designing a look that can bring some attention to a good cause with this tiger design, and I feel like it’s the least I can do to help make a change in the world.”

It was important to Laura Dalgaard that the tiger was shown as a majestic animal. She explains::

“When I teamed up with WWF-Denmark and Hobbii to design the tiger sweater, it was important to me that the tiger looked like a real tiger. I didn’t want it to look like a naive or silly tiger. I wanted it to look like the proud animal that the tiger is.”

Read the full interview where Laura Dalgaard talks about her knitting universe, her designing process, and her thoughts on the tiger design here.

Knit an Intarsia Tiger in Your Favorite Colors

The tiger sweater is knit in Evergreen. Evergreen is made of organic merino wool and GOTS-certified, which is an international standard for the eco-friendly and sustainable production of textiles. In other words, it’s a lovely yarn that we’re super proud of. In other words, it’s a lovely yarn that we’re super proud of. Read more about the amazing Evergreen here.

Laura Dalgaard made the tiger sweater in four different color combinations. However, you can choose to knit your tiger in completely different colors if you want. You’re only limited by your imagination!

👆 Knit your tiger in the colors of your choice. Notice how the look changes completely when the tiger is knit in different colors.

The pattern uses the intarsia technique and the duplicate stitch to create the stunning tiger motif, which means that this pattern is for the more experienced knitter. 

Not familiar with intarsia? Or would you like a refresher course on how to do the duplicate stitch? Follow our guides on the blog: 

Intarsia: Video tutorial: How to knit intarsia

Duplicate stitch: Video tutorial: How to duplicate stitch

Now it’s your turn! Grab your knitting needles, buy the design, and knit the stunning, proud tiger 🐯