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Mats For Lace Blocking

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Mats for blocking / tensioning of knitted or crocheted projects in hollow pattern.

Use: wash or moisten your knitting or crochet project. Then stretch the project on the mats. Attach your project to the mat using T-Needles so that the project keeps the shape as it dries. We recommend these KnitPro T Needles for Lace Blocking.

This technique is recommended for projects knitted in hollow patterns, such as scarves or shawls, as it helps open the pattern and emphasize the beautiful structure.

The kit contains 9 mats each measuring 30x30 cm. The mats are put together as puzzle pieces, so you can create exactly the size and shape you need. In addition, they are made of foam plastic: a material that is easy to attach the T-needles to.

Thickness: 1 cm

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They are pretty expensive, and I can't really understand why. Even so, it's a great thing to have around; my dog sheds, my floors aren't carpeted, and my mattress isn't totally flat, so getting these was a bit of a saving grace.


Useful thing, specially for lace shawls, but pricey.


One arrived like it had been crumpled in the factory (it was lying flat in its container so shipping was fine). Really flimsy, but if you need extra mats for lightweight for lace, have the money and not a lot of time to spend thinking about it, this is handy

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