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T-Needles / T-pins For Lace Blocking

50 pcs.

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T-needles for blocking/tensioning of knitted or crocheted projects in hollow pattern.

Use: wash or moisten your knitting or crochet project. Then stretch the project onto a substrate that can withstand needles. We recommend these KnitPro Mats for Lace Blocking. Attach the T-needles along the edge of your project so that the project holds its shape as it dries.

This technique is especially recommendable for projects knitted in hollow patterns, such as scarves or shawls, as it helps open the pattern and emphasize the beautiful structure.

The needles are stainless steel so you can safely use them with your project, even if it's wet.

The needles come in packs of 50 pcs.

Length: 4 cm

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i love these pins, they're easy to use with my many projects. there's a decent amount in a pack, good for medium projects, but you might need 2 boxes for larger projects


They're very sturdy feeling pins. 50pcs sounded like a lot but I'd recommend at least 2 or 3 boxes for a larger shawl or sweater.


These work great for small pieces by themselves, or for larger pieces in combination with blocking wire.


Arrived safely packed and intact. Looking forward to using these with lightweight products.

Abbie Keeshan

Several pins came out of the package bent and they left black marks on the doily I used them to block. It was just a practice piece so not the end of the world, but I'm still kinda mad about it. They might be okay with dark colored yarns or threads, and they might be okay if you take the time to individually wipe down every single pin, but dooon't use these to block anything light-colored.

Also there were only 49 in the 50 piece box.

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