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Stitch Markers w. lock - 25 pcs.

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Product information

25 stitch markers made from plastic that fit needles and hooks up to 6,5 mm. These stitch markers are great when you need to mark increases and decreases, patterns, or just mark the start of a row. 

The markers have a locking mechanism, so you can open them and take them off your needle/hook at any time, or you can attach stitches directly to the markers instead of your needle/hook. The tips are blunt, so you won’t prick your fingers on them, and you can use them for fine and medium-weight yarn. 

Available in 4 assorted colors.

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Got these as the free gift in my order. They're surprisingly good quality. As a general rule, I don't like using anything plastic while crocheting or knitting because there are always ridges/sharp edges in places that shouldn't have ridges or sharp edges. However these plastic stitch markers are completely smooth and i haven't had a problem with them. I would actually recommend these. Thanks for the free gift, hobbii 🙂


U use these markers all the time when crocheting particluarly placing one in the last stitch to prevent undoing my work accidentally when I need to leave my work unattended. The colours nakes kt easy to locate them when I need to rove them or finish my item. They can also be used to hold seams together when making up projects.


These came free with my order so I have so complaints whatsoever. They are a bit difficult to open and close but I have no problem with that because it means that they are very unlikely to open unexpectedly during use (a problem I have had before with other stitch markers).

I'd give them a five even if I had bought them.


They are very sturdy. I ordered some other stitch markers on amazon and they worked fine but when I tried to use them to hold together the panels of my cardigan they would always pop out. These stitch markers didn't have that problem, they are thicker than the cheaper stitch markers which turned out to be quite handy for me.


These were much nicer than the free stitch markers that came in my Woobles kit. The edges of the plastic aren't jagged, these are very smooth. So they aren't snagging the yarn every time you insert or remove them like the Woobles stitch markers. Nothin fancy, but I def would buy again when all these run away on holiday!

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