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Jumbo Stitch Markers w. lock

15 pcs.


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This pack of Jumbo stitch markers holds 15 large markers in three assorted. The markers have a locking mechanism, so you can open them and take them off your needle/hook at any time, or you can attach stitches directly to the markers instead of your needle/hook. The tips are blunt, so you won’t prick your fingers on them, and they’re especially well-suited for heavier yarns. Well-suited for needles ranging between 7-12 mm. 

These stitch markers are great when you need to mark increases and decreases, patterns, or just mark the start of a row.

Material: ABS
Number: 15 pcs.
Length: approx. 3 cm

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (21)


I received these as a free gift with an order I placed. I usually use the small markers and was hesitant to use these jumbo ones. But believe me once you have used them you’ll never use anything else. They are much easier to work with, so easy to put through a stitch without snagging the yarn. I also found that the points were smooth and didn’t pull yarn threads. Wonderful product, thank you for changing my life.


I received these as a free gift with my order and I'm so glad I did, because I ended up using almost all of them in a knitting project where I needed to keep track of lots of sections. They might be a little too big and bulky if you're working with smaller needles, but these did the job on size US 7 needles.


These are very helpful when your crocheting with more then one yarn. Bigger markers are always great when you crochet with multiple yarns at one time. (Dont have to shove it in the stitch, just place it in gently and it's there.)


I'm pretty new to stitch markers and the few I've had break so easily. I was very pleased by these. They are a bit burly-er and hold up. I haven't broken one yet!


I find locking stitch markers useful for all types of projects. They are my go too stitch markers.

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