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Incredible, high-quality crochet hook from Clover. The easy grip handles have pretty, fun, and characteristic colours.
The Clover Amour crochet hook is ergonomically shaped and feels like a dream in your hand. If your hands tend to tire quickly when you crochet, you should try these hooks. We’ll even go so far as claiming that this is the Rolls Royce of crochet hooks!

The hooks are made from various materials:
0,6 - 1,75 mm / US 14 - 4 = steel
2 - 6 mm / US B -J = aluminium
6,5 - 15 mm / US J - P = plastic 

Handle: ABS plastic

0,6 - 1,75 mm / US 14 - 4= 12,5 cm
2 - 6 mm / US B - J = 14 cm
6.5 - 7 mm / US J - K = 15 cm
8 - 9 mm / US L - M = 15,5 cm
10 mm / US N = 16 cm
12 mm / US O = 16,5 cm
15 mm / US P = 17 cm 


I bought the 15mm Clover Armour hook after struggling with the ordinary straight thick hook. After sore fingers, stiff hands and very slow progress, I needed a change...and what a great change it was!! The ergonomic hook has a thinner holding area which is easy in the fingers and cut crochet time by HOURS!
Very happy with it as well as the speedy delivery by Hobbii! Thank you 💐


I had been hearing the hype about these hooks for years and finally got a 2.75 for my amigurumi. It was a game changer. It's like cutting meat after your knives have been professionally sharpened. Incredible hook and worth the price.


I have crocheted for 50 years and these hooks are by far the best I’ve ever used. I have every size and ordered extra in my favorite sizes in case I misplace one as I sometimes do. I don’t ever want to be without one


This hook is fabulous. It slides smoothly through the yarn and is a joy to use. It fits perfectly in my hand and I can use it for hours without feeling strained or tired. I would highly recommend it.


These are just my favorite hooks. They feel great in my hand and the yarn slides so smooth over the hook, and I've tried almost every kind of yarn with them.

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