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Amour Crochet Hook Set - 9 sizes

2 - 6 mm

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High-quality Amour Crochet Hooks Set from Clover. The set includes 9 aluminium crochet hooks in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 mm (US B-J).

The handles are 10 cm long and ergonomically shaped to fit pleasantly in your hand and prevent fatigue and soreness. You get 9 beautiful and fun colours.

Clover Amour Crochet Hook kit contains:
Clover Crochet needle 2.0mm - Light green
Clover Crochet Needle 2.5mm - Yellow
Clover Crochet Needle 3.0mm - Orange
Clover Crochet Needle 3.5mm - Pink
Clover Crochet Needle 4.0mm - Purple
Clover Crochet Needle 4.5mm - Turquoise
Clover Crochet Needle 5.0mm - Blue
Clover Crochet hook 5.5mm - Green
Clover Crochet hook 6.0mm - Brown

Hook: Aluminium

Handle: ABS plastic

Length: 14 cm

An exquisite set for the quality-conscious crocheter! 


I finally got these after reading a review that they were like "crocheting with air" and I have to say they're worth the price. These crochet hooks are amazing. I know some people prefer the in-line hook, but the slightly textured aluminum slides so easily along the yarn that it's worth having the offset hook to me. Would definitely recommend, I wouldn't go back to anything else!


I’ve tried many different crochet hooks, and these are my favorites. The handles are great ergonomically, and the hooks make crocheting fast and easy. I ended up buying a second set of these, so that when I can’t find a hook, I always have a spare. This set has my highest recommendation.


These hooks are so comfortable in my hand. There is a nice place to rest my thumb. Perfect hooks for someone who holds their crochet hook like a knife.


These hooks are amazing to work with. I only wish that I'd splurged earlier. For the amount of time I spend hooking, it's worth it to do it in comfort.


I really like these hooks. My hands are definitely more comfortable using these than all metal ones.

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