1. What is a CAL?

CAL means “crochet along” which is a community based concept where a group of people are following the same pattern at the same time. The general idea is to reveal a small chunk of the pattern each week (or month) - so the participants crochet the same chunk at the same time and therefore have each other to lean on.

There are different kinds of CAL’s out there, for example:

A mystery CAL where you don’t know what project you are making until you are done.
A general CAL (like this one) where you know what project you are making but not how to make it.

2. Participation

How can I sign up for the CAL?
To sign up for the CAL you need to go to the sign-up page here and enter your name and email.
We also recommend you to join the Facebook Event for the CAL. This is the place to ask questions, post pictures of your progress and join the general chatter regarding the CAL. Join the Facebook event here.
Now it's just a waiting game until February 3rd when you get the instructions for step 1 :-) 

Who can participate?
Everyone who can follow a crochet pattern in DK, DE, SE or ENG (US terms) are welcome to join.

Can I participate without a Facebook account?
Yes. You can absolutely participate in the CAL without a Facebook account. Simply go to the sign up page here and enter your name and email address. Unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the Facebook Event.

How do I cancel my participation?
If you wish to cancel your participation you can press unsubscribe at the bottom of the welcome email or send an email with your name to: [email protected].

3. Materials

How do I get the yarn?
You can order everything you need right here.

Can I use another yarn?
Yes, you can substitute the yarn in any way you like, just make sure that you have a total yardage of: 2.000 m for the wrap and 400 m for the tassels. If you use a yarn with a smaller yardage you will not be able to work the wrap to the intended length.

If you want to be eligible for the giveaways at the end of the CAL, you should use a Hobbii yarn, but if you are in it for the experience, please feel free to use a different yarn.
Also, if the color changes are placed differently, you will not get the mirror effect. But ultimately, it is your creation and you can go as far as your imagination takes you. 

Can I use two different colors for the wrap?
Joining 2 different cakes will mean that you will not get the mirrored effect on your wrap, but if you are happy with that, it should be accredited to artistic freedom and it will truly be your own interpretation. Regardless of the colors you will still be able to enjoy the beautiful stitch pattern.

What is the yarn weight of the recommended yarn?
This yarn weight for the recommended yarn is a sock verging on sport.

The color that I want to use for the tassels is out of stock. What should I do?
You can substitute the yarn for the tassels with any 8/4 yarn you like, as long as the total yarn length is 400 meters. We suggest you use our Rainbow Cotton 8/4 as a replacement.

Will it actually take 400 meters to make the tassels?
It depends on your taste in tassels really. If you prefer them on the thick or thin side, long or short.

Do I have to block my wrap?
Blocking your wrap is optional. Blocking makes the stitches unfold and look much more beautiful. It will also prevent the corners from curling up. Or you can do nothing at all if you are happy with the way it looks :)

4. Pattern

What language will the pattern be in?
The pattern is available in 4 languages: Danish, Swedish, German and English (US terms).

What skill level is the pattern?
The Wonderland Wrap has skill level: Intermediate. But all steps include a picture guide and will be accompanied by technique videos to help you with the techniques. Also we will be here to help you every step of the pattern.

What is the size of the completed wrap?
The completed wrap is 69 x 39.3 inches (165 x 100 cm).

5. Notifications + Emails

Will I get an email with the pattern instructions in case I miss a date?
From February 3rd and each following Monday, you will receive an email regarding the next step. The email will contain a link to the pattern page where you can download the instructions for the next step. You can use the link to unlock the next and previous steps at any time you like and as many times as you want.

When do I get the different steps?
From the 3rd of February and every following monday (with exception of step 3) you will receive an email with a link to the page where you can download the instructions for the next step. You can see the timeline here:

Step 1: 3rd of February 2020
Step 2: 10th of February 2020
Step 3: 17th of February 2020 (you have 2 weeks to complete this step)
Step 4: 2nd of March 2020
Step 5: 9th of March 2020
Step 6: 16th of March 2020

Enjoy! :-)