Pattern Details

Brand Hobbii Friends
Designer Jennifer Santos - SuperCuteDesign
Type Crochet
Difficulty level Intermediate

CAL - Wonderland Wrap

Crochet a wonderful project together

You now have the opportunity to crochet a lovely project with the rest of the Hobbii family.

Wonderland Wrap is designed by the talented SuperCuteDesign/Jennifer Santos.

The pattern is divided into 6 parts that we send directly to your inbox week to week, so we’ll crochet it at the same time and can exchange experiences, share photos and together look forward to the next part of the pattern.

Remember to sign up for the event on Facebook where questions will be answered and we can help each other out :) There will be a draw for a wonderful yarn pack among those who are active on the Facebook event page.

There will also be a draw for a gift card for among those who upload a picture of their finished wrap here on the website.

Two skeins of Twister or Twirls Deluxe in the same color are used for the project. You can choose the color you like best, but can also let yourself be inspired by the color combinations we have used.  You’ll find them in the menu below as color 1, color 2, color 3, color 4 and color 5 :)

Click the green button to read more about the progression and sign up - it is absolutely free !
You can also sign up right here.

Note! Pattern is written in US terms

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Waves Crochet Hook

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Nancy Schwartz

Almost done! This is the first time using such thin yarn with such a small needle. I finally got the puff and puff -2 stitches so it became enjoyable to crochet. I am going to gift this wrap to a lady who sits in a wheelchair so will not be adding the tassels as they would be a hazard for her. She can't wait for me to finish. I hope another CAL will be offered soon as it is a good learning experience for me.

Stella Altman

I love this pattern, it is so elegant. The stitches are very basic, so even beginning crochet artists will be able to create a beautiful wrap. The photo tutorial at the bottom of the pattern is amazing, this along with the videos solve any questions a person may come across. I am using the Twister yarn. The only issue I have come across is the yarn is so super soft I find myself continually petting the yarn.

Ashley Hitomi

Really enjoyed being a part of this CAL! This is a great pattern that is super easy to follow and I can't wait to make another one. I plan on giving this one to my mother. She got me the yarn as a gift and when this CAL came along I thought there was no better way than to gift it right back made with love! Thank you to the designer and hobbii for the event and I look forward to more in the future!


My first CAL! This wrap is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to make more of them! I was brand new to crochet and was able to follow along....not without lots of frogging & learning, but worth every minute lol
I used twister yarn and it’s heavenly! I didn’t add tassels to my first one, but will with the 2nd one.


love this pattern. I alway depend on reading the chart, and now it is challenge for me to read the pattern without chart.. It is very benefit and also seeing the pictures and videos after reading the pattern sure help me to understand the pattern without chart much better. It is really out of my comfort zone. Thank you!!!

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Pattern Details

Brand Hobbii Friends
Designer Jennifer Santos - SuperCuteDesign
Type Crochet
Difficulty level Intermediate

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