Do you already know the joy of crocheting or knitting a present for a child you hold dear? If not, I really think you should give it a try. Homemade presents for children are pure magic.

Of course, it’s usually easier to find something in the stores. The shopping process can also be quite fun. I, myself, can spend hours looking at all the colorful toys and the pretty, soft clothes in the stores. And you can always keep the receipt.

But the joy of creating something with your own hands is hard to beat!

Last year I got the brand new and amazing title of aunt. Well, not a real aunt. The title was given to me by my best friend, who gave birth to a little girl. It might not count for real, but it warms my heart to hear my friend call me Aunt Milla 💗

Until then, I had only ever crocheted for myself. But when I got the news of the little, new life that would soon be among us, I took the leap and decided to crochet a present.

I chose to crochet a swaddle blanket. But before I could even get started, I needed to decide on pattern, color, and materials. It was amazing to be able to have a say in the design, but the many decisions took some time to make.

And then, of course, I had to wait for the yarn to arrive in the mail. The wait was hard because I really wanted to get started.

There was no end to my joy when the package finally arrived. I dove in right away, but then impatience struck. Was it even worth the time? Wouldn’t it be better to just buy something?

I can safely tell you now, that it ended up being totally worth it. The crocheting process was especially pleasant. Because while the hands worked on the swaddle blanket, I couldn’t help thinking about my friend, the little life in her stomach, and my great love for them both. The many hours crocheting weren’t just cozy – they filled me with joy.

There was also something really special about handing them the present in the end. Not just because the present was made with love, but also because the present was exactly the shape and color, I knew my friend would love. I’ve never been happier about giving someone a present.


Have I convinced you?

Great! Then all that’s left is to get started. Not sure what type of project you want to start on? Then you can find some inspiration below.  


Clothes for babies are always adorable. There’s nothing like a cute cardigan or pair of socks in miniature. And because you make the clothes yourself, you get to choose the color of the yarn. The classic light blue and pink shades are often great choices, but, if you’re brave enough, it’s fun to play with other colors.

Beautiful red and dark green shades are a perfect fit for babies born during the winter months, while light yellows and pastels are ideal for spring babies.

If the parents have chosen a specific color scheme for the nursery, you could match the color of the clothes to that with great success. Green shades are perfect for a jungle or nature theme, while an astronaut theme lends itself to a wealth of blue shades.

If the sex of the baby is a surprise, or if the parents simply want gender neutral gifts for the little one, then beautiful browns, whites, and grays are always useful. It’s easy for the parents to match the piece with other clothes, and it doesn’t have to be boring in any way!

Our beautiful Gry set with mittens and hat are shown in a beautiful gray color that will match almost anything. They can, e.g., be crocheted using BabyWool, which is available in several beautiful shades of gray.

“Oh dear, sizes are so hard to match.” Has that thought crossed your mind? There’s no shame in that! Sizes are always challenging, and a baby can quickly grow out of them. Luckily, there are many other things you can give a baby – things that don’t have to be a specific size and can be used for several years. Among them are:


Decorations can bring great joy to curious children’s eyes. A mobile is, e.g., great to have over the crib. Then the baby has something to look at while they slowly close their sleepy eyes. When the child grows bigger, the mobile can be moved to hang above the window or in a corner of the room to be purely decorative instead.

Alternatively, you can make a pretty pram spanner that can entertain the little ones when they’re on the go. Pram spanners are equally as decorative in the window when the little one has grown out of the pram.

Tip! Mobiles and pram spanners grant you extra creative wiggle room! You can easily replace the figures in the pattern with the figures you want. Cute unicorns, yummy donuts, small hearts, or something completely different. NB. Always make sure to check the size of the figures in the pattern you’re working on. Figures around 3-4 inches are usually a good size for a mobile or a pram chain.


Sensory toys like this pretty, crocheted butterfly are a sure hit with the extra curious children, since they’re often chock-full of textures, sounds and colors.

Can’t find the perfect pattern for a sensory toy? Then you can make one easily from a stuffed animal. Dirk the Dragon is a great pattern to make into a sensory toy. You can easily fit him with a squeaker or a rattle, which gives him sound and life, while horns and ears can be exchanged for teethers/biterings.

Blankets and swaddles

Do you have a little extra time? Then you can throw yourself into a larger project like a blanket or wrap. They are great for growing babies and can be used in many places like the crib, the pram, the car seat and many, many other places. It will be used for many years.

Try our Zoey Baby Wrap that measures around 84 x 84 cm (33 x 33 in). It’s crocheted with Sultan Deluxe , a yarn made from 100% cotton, available in a wealth of color combinations.

Practical gifts for everyday use

Bibs and dishcloths are great examples of practical gifts. They’re especially appreciated among parents, since they help make their daily lives easier. They fall victim to many struggles on a daily basis (are you also thinking of vomit right now?), so it’s always a big help to have some extra at hand when accidents happen.

I also have some tips and tricks for you!

Small children should, naturally, get presents that are safe to use. That’s why I’ve gathered some tips and tricks and made a list of things you should be careful with:

Joining: If you’re making things in several parts that need to be joined (e.g., a mobile) it’s especially important to make sure that the joining is robust and secure. Otherwise, things may fall off and be swallowed.

Tip! When you finish a piece and are getting ready to cut the yarn, then leave yourself a little extra string than normal. Then you’re sure to have enough to make a solid join.

Size: Children are curious by nature and often fond of putting things in their mouths. If you’re making, e.g., a doll, it’s important that it doesn’t have small parts. The doll’s hat, clothes, and other small parts should be fastened to it.

Pacifier chords, and other oblong things the child can get their hands on, should never be longer than 8.7 inches (22 cm). If they are any longer than that, they can potentially wrap around the baby’s neck.

Materials: Another upside to making presents yourself is that you have control of the materials. If you’re making clothes or blankets for the baby, natural fibers like cotton and wool are always preferable, since they’re especially breathable. For toys, cotton is amazing, since it’s also durable and can handle higher washing temperatures than, e.g., wool.

The yarn I use most for my crocheted projects for children is Baby Cotton Organic. The yarn is made from 100% Egyptian cotton of the highest quality. And it’s also GOTS-certified, which means that it’s produced without the use of chemical pesticides and with thought and respect for the environment.

Buuuuuut, unfortunately, some children are allergic to wool. If you're making a hat, blouse, or something else that touches the baby’s skin directly, then it’s a good idea to check with the child’s parents before you add the yarn to your cart. Naturally, you want your present to be a surprise, but when it comes to presents for the little ones, it’s always best to be safe.

In some of the patterns for stuffed animals you’ll also find instructions on using safety eyes. They’re great as a decoration and easy to attach. But if the toy is to be used by babies, you could, to great effect, crochet or embroider the eyes. When you make the eyes yourself, you can give them lots of personality!

In our Confetti Unicorn pattern, you’ll find instructions for fun eyes crocheted with yarn.

So, are you ready to make gifts that will bring joy to children and parents alike?

I hope my tips and tricks have given you the courage to try. Remember, a homemade gift doesn’t have to be perfect. A dropped stitch or a slightly crooked wrap gives the gift character and only reminds the recipient that the gift was made with your hands – and a whole lot of love 💗