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Sultan Deluxe

Sport 100% Cotton

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Yarn information

  • Brand::
    Cotton Kings
  • Content:
    100% cotton
  • Weight:
    250 g (8.8 oz)
  • Yarn Length:
    1000 m (1093 yds)
  • Yarn Weight:
  • Recommended needles:
    2.5 mm (US 2) - 3.5 mm (US 4)
  • Knitting gauge:
    25 stitches, 34 rows to 10 cm/4"
  • Recommended crochet hook:
    3.5 mm (US E-4) - 4 mm (US G-6)
  • Care instructions:
    Machine wash 30°C (86°F) / Do not tumble dry
  • Hashtag:

Sultan Deluxe is made of 100% pure, soft cotton in a premium quality.

Choose between the many fabulous color combinations where the colors change only one strand at the time. The color change happens evenly throughout the 1093 yards of yarn. This creates the long, slow color transition and adds a beautiful look to any creation.

Sultan Deluxe is therefore incredibly suited for e.g. shawls and scarves since the long color transition will appear beautifully. Where the hue changes, you will see a tiny knot in one of the 4 twined strands that the yarn consists of. You can choose to ignore it which many crafters choose, or you can pull out a tiny bit of the yarn (the entire twined strand) in order to weave in the end at the back of your work.

As with Sultan, you can use the yarn for scarves and lovely cotton shawls or blankets that do not scratch. You will also get gorgeous results when you create a top, blouse or tunic since the beautiful color effect really shows in projects like that. You use approximately 1 skein of yarn for one crocheted shawl / scarf.

Be aware that you normally use more yarn when crocheting than knitting, so you might experience that you will not get to see the entire color transition when knitting. But this depends on the pattern you use. It is a good idea to check the total amount of yarn you need before starting a new project, and compare it to the 1093 yards (1000 m) of yarn you get with Sultan Deluxe. Consider if you want to start from the inside or the outside of the skein depending on which color transition you prefer.

The yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified (no. 2076-311). Find more information about the certification on the

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I've never used a cotton cake before. I found a cute poncho pattern and wanted to give it a try. At first, I was nervous because the yarn was so thin. I didn't think it would wind up looking good if I used a larger hook size to get the right sizing. However, it turned out to be the most gorgeous, versatile yarn I've ever used. The material is soft, light, and durable. It makes for a beautiful stitch. The colorway was gorgeous. It started as a white and turned mint and then teal. It was such a painless transition between colors that it truly looks like a magical shift of blue hues.

I look forward to buying more. I had so much left on one cake that I can easily justify paying for this. I'd highly recommend for anyone who enjoys making ombre shawls/scarves/ponchos.


This was my first hobbii yarn purchase and will not be my last! The yarn is very soft and light and airy. I wish I had more people in my life who liked bold colors, but unfortunately I get a lot of requests for greys and browns. But I absolutely loved working with this colorful yarn for myself. I made a virus shawl that turned out beautiful. The yarn slides through your fingers easily and doesn't catch on my hook. My only complaint is about 3/4 of the way through the cake came undone and made a tangled mess, but that's partly my fault for moving around so much.


Blue belle, such a pretty colour, I used this to make the Indradha jumper on Hobbii site, which is a fab pattern. I love the colour change and while the top didn’t use the full colour changes, I’m happy how it ended up. Wore to work today and had many comments. I didn’t used a bead at all, no issues with splitting or yarn barf. First time user of sultan deluxe - am pleased I have more in my stash, shame it’s not more than one of each colour as I would definitely make more of these tops!


I received one skein of color 25, Edcora Red, as a gift. There was a bit of a learning curve since it's made up of small threads bundled together and I didn't have much experience working with cotton, but I think it's good practice before I start working with Azalea, where the threads aren't bundled as tightly. The color change is gorgeous and I love it. It's very soft. I'm making a crocheted shawl, and it's going to be huge even though it includes puff stitches!


This yarn is Superb! It’s so soft and has a lovely drape. I made a dress for my grand niece. Such a joy to work with this yarn. It was motivational! I couldn’t wait to get to the next color change to see how it would look so I had the dress finished in no time.

And customer service was excellent when FedEx ripped up my package and lost half my order. I had replacements in no time even though I am half a world away from the shipping point.

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