Written by Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks

What’s a crafter without his/her accessories, eh? While we’re packing our perfect project bags with yarn and such, it’s important that we give a nod to the unsung heroes of crochet. 

My favorite accessories as a knitter/crocheter: 

Betty the Baby Unicorn

Who doesn’t want a unicorn filled with crochet hooks hanging around? I definitely do, that’s for sure. And this little unicorn is such a win on my crochet station. This is perfect for holding hooks, scissors, pens, stitch markers, and anything else your heart desires. 

"Crochet is Hygge" Mug

While this is technically made for coffee, I think it’s too precious to stain and so I just put my hooks on it. It lives on my desk and I love how pretty it is, all perched and full of fun. It makes a really great gift for yourself or for other cafters that just have too much yarn and need non-fiber gifts.

The Shoulder Bag for Yarn

This bag is my new go-to. I LOVE it. It fits my laptop, projects, notebooks...you name it! Plus the inner and outer pockets keep everything in its place so that I’m never untangling yarn that’s co-mingled with my pens. 

Hook/Needle Gauge by KnitPro

I lived in denial for so long, thinking that a plain measuring tape was exactly the same as a gauge. But friends, a gauge is so much better and this one has it all. Measuring function, hook size indicator, AND a little yarn cutter. Oh, and it’s an elephant. Amazing. 

Darning Needle Case - Hobbii

This is such a simple companion, but it’s one of my favorite accessories. I constantly misplace darning needles and this really helps me to always have them in one place and on hand. 

Mini Scissors - The Fancy

If you’re not ready to go full-on unicorn, you should check out my second favorite pair. These are so beautiful and simple. Whenever I pull them out of my bag around other crafty people, they always ask me where I got them. Hobbii, of course!!!

Stitch Markers with Clip by Clover

So you know about stitch markers, BUT DID YOU KNOW ABOUT STITCH MARKERS WITH CLIPS?! Sorry for the caps, but this is big news for me and I’m loving how my life has changed now that I can actually mark my projects with more details. Stops me from staring at a stitch marker and thinking “Ok… what was the gold one supposed to be?” 

Fiber Bowl - Copenhagen Fibers

Holy elegance, this fiber bowl is everything. The second I got it, I wanted it on my bookshelf when I wasn’t using it but now I’m so afraid of my dog knocking it down. So it lives on my shelf. Which is fine by me because the AESTHETIC is stunning and I want to see it every day. 

Yarn bowls are really nice accessories for both crocheters and knitters. But they are MUST haves for pet owners. No more yarn ball rolling around in pet hair! Miracles do happen. 

Jar with Lid - Copenhagen Fibers

The lovely sister of the Fiber Bowl is this beautiful lil thing. Can you guess where it lives? YUP! My desk. By this time you’re probably thinking: How big is this girl’s desk? Can confirm that it’s not big enough for the 600 crafting items on it. But we make it work. 

This little pot keeps my stitch markers, darning needles, and everything else that floats around. It’s great for a minimalist crafter (something I am not, but still enjoy). 

Large Pattern Holder - Hobbii

If you like printing out patterns but they constantly end up crumpled up, this is the perfect accessory for you! Not only does this keep your printed patterns safe, but the magnetic bar helps you track where you are in the pattern. 

“Yarn is my therapy” Tote

Snappy taglines are the best, right? Even better when you can wear them outside to let everyone know you’re a yarn addict and proud. This is a really great accessory not only for throwing a project in and heading out to meet friends, but also for just general use. 

If you’re like me, you’ll just really enjoy being able to flaunt your hobbies around town. 

Digital Row Counter Deluxe

I’ve tried all sorts of row counters. Plastic twistable ones, digital ones, apps on my phone - but I’ve never loved any one of them as much as this one. No, I do not wear it around my neck, but yes I’m constantly tempted to do so. 

It’s a really simple gadget, but has been a lifesaver in projects where I just can’t be trusted to keep track of rows on my own. 

Unicorn Scissors - Rainbow Color

I don’t care what people have told you: fancy scissors definitely cut better. And rainbow unicorn scissors are even SHARPER. Tools like these scissors put a little extra joy into crafting and make it fun for me to whip out for my projects. Plus, I’m much more inclined to weave in my ends when I have cute scissors to use. 

So what do you think? Any accessories on this list sound good to you, too? Anything you want to add? We’d love to hear from you!

Madeline from @ofbooksandhooks is a crafter who loves pairing her two passions: crochet and books! You can see her latest work on her Instagram, and find some free patterns on her website.