Needle Case

A lovely little pink container for you sewing needles. The container has a twisting lid so you’ll always have your needles in order and won’t pricking yourself on them.

Size: 10cm
Material: Plastic

NB! Does not contain needles!


I love this needle case. It is perfect for my plastic canvas needles. I have 2 sizes of needles that I use. Now one is in this case and another is in packages :-) Need to get another one or two for them all :-) Thank you Hobbii for wonderful quality products :-)


Functional storage solution that packs easily away in my crochet case (pencil case). Glad I ordered 2 at once.

Location: Victoria Australia - had been unable to source a product locally. Would recommend adding to an order


A wonderful and durable free gift from hobbii! The ones I had were so flimsy and cheaply made. Cracked trying to open. This is a durable product that actually screws closed so little fingers dont get into it.


EXACTLY what's needed when digging around in my current WIP bag for a yarn needle! And sturdy enough to not come open in the fray. Thank you, Hobbii, for this free gift that came with my order!❣️


This is such a handy little case! It seems every time I buy new hooks I end up with more needles, and they tend to become unweildly after you collect so many. The case helps to keep it all together

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