Acrylic Yarn

SAVE 40%

Tivoli XL - Hobbii

Worsted100% HB Acrylic

$2.10  $3.49
SAVE 35%

Universe - Hobbii

Fingering, Sock98% Premium Acrylic, 2% Polyester

$5.80  $8.99
SAVE 38%

Manarola - World of Yarn

Light Worsted, DK100% Premium Acrylic

$4.35  $7.00
SAVE 18%

Mega Ball 400 g / 14.11 oz. - We Love Yarn

Light Worsted, DK100% Acrylic

$13.10  $15.99
SAVE 28%

Hawaii - Mayflower

Worsted100% Premium Acrylic

$2.10  $2.90

Tivoli - Hobbii

Light Worsted, DK100% HB Acrylic

SAVE 26%

Classic Acrylic - Bags of 10 Balls - We Love Yarn

Light Worsted, DK100 % Acrylic

$13.00  $17.50
SAVE 30%

Horizon - Hobbii

Light Worsted, DK100% Premium Acrylic

$11.50  $16.49
SAVE 18%

Twister Solid - Hobbii

Sport55% Cotton, 45% Acrylic

$7.80  $9.49
SAVE 19%

Diablo - Hobbii

Lace weight40% Acrylic, 30% Mohair, 30% Polyamide

$4.45  $5.49
SAVE 15%

Malaga - World of Yarn

Worsted100% Premium HB Acrylic

$4.65  $5.49
SAVE 30%

Lollipop - Hobbii

Worsted20% Wool, 80% HB Acrylic

$12.25  $17.50
SAVE 11%

Cosy - Go Handmade

Light Worsted, DK60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic

$4.70  $5.30
SAVE 17%

Twister - Hobbii

Sport55% Cotton, 45% Acrylic

$24.00  $29.00
SAVE 27%

Winter Glow - Hobbii

Worsted51% Wool, 49% Acrylic

$18.60  $25.49
SAVE 13%

Soft Bamboo Fine - Go Handmade

Fingering, Sock70% Bamboo, 23% Cotton, 7% Acrylic

$5.20  $5.99

Carnival - Hobbii

Light Worsted, DK100% Premium Acrylic


Summer Cloud - Hobbii

Bulky66% Cotton, 34% Acrylic

SAVE 18%

Moonlight - Bumbo

Sport98% Acrylic, 2% Polyamide

$7.30  $8.90

Sportsragg Stocking Yarn - Viking of Norway

Sport60% wool 20% nylon 20% acrylic

SAVE 30%

Lollipop Melange - Hobbii

Worsted30% wool & 70% HB acrylic

$13.64  $19.49
SAVE 35%

Hurricane - Hobbii

Light Worsted, DK100% HB Acrylic

$10.75  $16.50
SAVE 36%

Wolong Sock Yarn - World of Yarn

Fingering, Sock63% Acrylic, 30% Bamboo, 7% Elastane

$6.40  $9.99

Acrylic Solid 100 g - ScandinaviU

Light Worsted, DK100% Acrylic


Cotton 1 - Mayflower

Fingering, Sock


Cookie - Järbo

Worsted100% Acrylic


Alpaca Touch - Mayflower

Sport15% alpaca, 25% wool, 60% acrylic

SAVE 13%

Curly - Go Handmade

Sport59% Polyester, 12% Nylon, 29% Acrylic

$5.20  $5.99
SAVE 14%

Acrylic Print 150g - Bumbo

Light Worsted, DK100% acrylic

$6.00  $7.00
SAVE 25%

Color Bomb - Cotton Kings

Sport50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic

$20.25  $27.00

Cheap Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic yarn is an artificially manufactured yarn product which has, in spite of being considered a stiff and scratchy material for several years, finally won the love of the people. Fortunately, however, acrylic yarn is now considered a high quality material with many practical features and advantages.  We have a huge selection of acrylic yarn in a wide range of qualities and prices, so there is sure to be something for every need.

The Benefits of Using Acrylic Yarn

The many benefits and features that acrylic yarn holds makes it easy to use in everyday life. Of course, using synthetic yarn is a matter of taste, but there is no doubt that the synthetic yarn is more effective in its color fidelity than naturally produced yarns, which means that it can be washed more often without losing its color. This characterizes acrylic yarn as one of the most durable yarns, as both color and fit remain relatively unchanged no matter how many times they are washed. New technologies have also helped to change the negative perception that have previously ruled, as many different versions of acrylic yarn are being produced, most of which are super soft. One of the greatest benefits of acrylic yarn is its hypoallergenic properties. So if you want to knit or crochet clothes for a person with allergy, using acrylic yarn is the obvious choice. It is possible to crochet with 100% acrylic, but many choose to combine it with other yarn products such as cotton yarn, which is very popular. In addition, the acrylic yarn is hugely user-friendly, so even if you're a beginner, it's easy to work with this kind of yarn while it's also cheap and good for practicing, so get your knit on!

Knitting and Crochet Projects with Acrylic Yarn

The good thing about the acrylic yarn is that it can be used for both knitting, crochet and embroidery, giving you virtually almost endless possibilities if you activate your imagination. This also gives you the chance to do different everyday projects such as clothes, toys, teddy bears and dolls for your children or grandchildren. However, you should be aware that acrylic is heat sensitive and as such should not be washed at over 40 degrees, as it risks losing its shape. So if you prefer yarns that are easy and great to work with, there is no doubt that acrylic could easily become your favorite yarn material.

Buy Acrylic Yarn Online - Easily and Quickly

Here at we want to the best and fastest in the supply of acrylic yarn and yarn accessories. Therefore, you always get your goods within three business days after you order it online. We take pride in keeping a high standard in our customer service and you can always call us if you have questions about our products. We always provide full return on goods ordered via our webshop.


You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our acrylic yarn or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at  00 45 31 86 33 57 or email to We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

What our customers say about Acrylic Yarn

Maggie Scott

I’m a first time purchaser of this yarn. I was a little apprehensive as I was waiting for it to arrive. Any worries were over as soon as I started to crochet with it. It’s one of the softest acrylic yarns I’ve ever used. I’m using a centre pull and I was so happy when I didn’t get a load of yarn barf. Absolute winner. I’m using a Tulip Etimo Gold 4.00mm hook and this yarn gives beautiful stitch definition. I just wish I’d bought it sooner. Looking forward to using other colours I bought. My yarn was well packed and it arrived within a week to Australia. Couldn’t be happier.

Jennifer Gosling

This yarn knits up very nice and is lovely and soft for an acrylic yarn will buy more when I need it. Sorry forgot to take a picture of my finished project maybe next time as I still have lots left for another project.

Sylvia Wilterdink

This yarn is wonderfully soft and easy to crochet and knit with. As it is an acrylic yarn, it is also easy care.

Kerryn Wright

I had never ordered from Hobbii before, but saw their cotton/acrylic Twister yarn on sale. I had been looking everywhere for a nice cotton/acrylic yarn cake with changing colours that didn't cost a fortune to buy & then ship to Australia. I was stunned to find that it was free shipping from $74AUD. What?! I purchased 5 Twisters to crochet shawls as Christmas gifts for friends & my Mum. The parcel arrived swiftly with a treat inside, the yarn colours are stunning, deliciously soft & a dream to crochet. I'm beyond excited as the 1st shawl is looking exquisite with it's gorgeous colour changes. Sooooo happy! Defintely going to purchase more in the future.

Joanne Win

Oh my, oh my.... So what did I expect and concerns from 50/50 cotton acrylic Yarn that I have not seen or felt myself? Soft, gentle against the skin, quality of the yarn, are the claimed graduated colour change really as they claim, will one really be enough to make a shawl.... I have been crocheting the shawl over a couple of days and I have no negative reaction to the dye, it's super soft against my skin, it's easy to work up and is exceeding expectations so far... Will update with a photo on completion of the shawl. Thanks awfully for this great product.

Margaret Hutchinson

This is my first order from Hobbii and I am extremely pleased with the colors and quality of the yarn. I do charity knitting and acrylic yarn is necessary because of its easy care. So often acrylics are harsh and stiff, but Tivoli is so soft and easy to handle. My needles are already busy making items. The Tivoli was also on sale, so this has been an exceptional bargain price for great yarn.

Rachel Groth

I have worked with many brands and blends of acrylic yarn and Tivoli is by far my favorite. The color selection is also wonderful. Every time I touch a skein of this I feel the need to press it to my face and smell it too. This is a beautiful yarn.


I just received my order of Cookie yarns and I can't rtell you how much I love them. I have three colors and wasn't sure how I would use them, but they are so soft I am thinking of a fade sweater with a top-down pattern. I cannot believe this is 100% acrylic yarn it is just too cozy. I want to start knitting with it as soon as possible. Did I mention that the price is amazing also!

Diedre Rees

Wow! Wow! Wow! The softest most beautiful acrylic yarn I have ever worked with. It is awesome!!😘💞😘

Benita L Crespin

Very soft acrylic yarn, perfect for baby and toddler items. good color selection and the price can't be beat. I will use up the entire bag of baby blue for my great grandson due in June. Have finished Converse-style booties and a romper so far. I am so glad I found Hobbii. I can order all of my yarn on line from the comfort of my recliner and feel secure when ordering on your website. Reasonable shipping cost and exchange rate too, and delivery was pretty fast (all the way from Denmark to Florida). Thanks Hobbii. Benita C

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