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Lucky Bag Acrylic - 500 g (17.6 oz)

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Yarn information

Here you get an exciting lucky bag containing 500 grams (17.6 oz) of mixed acrylic yarn. Colors, brand, and skein size are completely randomly mixed, which means that you can both get a bag where no skeins are the same, but you can also get a bag full of the same skeins. All you know for sure is that you’ll get 500 grams of lovely acrylic yarn. Are you brave enough to see what you’re going to get in your lucky bag? 

Good luck with your lucky bag! 

NB: Please note that the bag may contain both pure acrylic yarns and mixed yarns.


After ordering my first lucky bag, I've been really excited to buy and open more of them. I feel like lucky bags are such great value and this lucky bag somehow knew what projects I was working on and come with the perfect yarn in the perfect color. I received two skeins of amigo giga (one in lavender and one in dark purple). The lavender color was a welcome addition to my yarn collection because I was making a shiny wailmer Pokemon amigarumi (purple whale Pokemon) which meant I got to try out amigo right away. The color also inspired me to attempt to make the plushie reversible as the color reminds me of the Pokemon ditto (a shapeshifting Pokemon). Regardless if this project turns out well or not, the yarn is plush and soft and I know I'll love working with it. I also got a skein of kind feather in light yellow and a fluffy day xl in dusty rouge. Both colors are beautiful and I'm going to have a lot of fun working with these yarns and thinking up how to use them.


Would give it 10 starts if I could! I hesitated to get this bag. I was thrilled with the wool Lucky bag I had previous gotten and was looking to get another wool one, but it was sold out. I'm so glad I took a chance on this one! My bag contained three skeins of one type in complementary colors, 2 skeins the same color in another type, & one multi-colored of another type. All six skeins are beautiful and so soft! None of the yards in my bag are currently on sale, so the savings was a whopping $40.60USD. Not only is it a great savings, purchasing this Lucky Bag is a great opportunity to try out new yard. The colors chosen complement each other nicely and I know I can use them easily for any project. Thank you so much for offering this bag! I'm adding more to my cart now before they sell out!


THIS IS NOT YOUR STANDARD “GRAB BAG”!!!! I ordered 2 of these and was so happy with the contents. When I laid out was was received in each bag, I noticed that the contents were very thoughtfully picked out. As in curated!!!

It so so nice to be given MULTIPLE skeins of the same yarn (4 different colors with 2 skeins of each color) in coordinated colors or one skein of a yarn that is enough to make a small something.

Essentially, this lucky bag is not to build up your collection of ransoms yarns that will sit in your stash for ever, but a nice sampling of yarns to actually make something! Will definitely buy again!!!


I mostly crochet with cotton yarn but decided to take my chances with this acrylic Lucky Bag. I was not disappointed! I received seven total skeins of gorgeous yarn. The two Fantasy skeins I received I never would have considered ordering on my own but wow, they are beautiful and so soft. The unique color and texture immediately made me decide to make a wearable- which I never do. I’ll definitely be ordering a few more skeins of this one and I was glad to be introduced to other Hobbii acrylics like Carnival. So gorgeous! Just choosing to order this bag has inspired me to broaden the types of crochet I do!


The lucky bags are AWESOME! I love receiving them and the surprise of what kind of yarn I am getting is a real treat! The fact that you can get multiple skeins of the same yarn or a variety makes it so special. I have definitely stepped outside my usual yarn comfort zone with these bags and am never disappointed. If you are unsure of what kind of acrylic yarn to try then these bags are perfect in letting you try different textures, colors, and yarn thicknesses. I am currently waiting on 7 of these bags to arrive at my door and can not wait to find out what I am getting next!

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