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Zing Circular Needles

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These KnitPro Zing circular needles are extra light, smooth and glide easily through the stitches.

The circular needles are not only great to knit with, they come in beautiful colors so they are also pleasing to the eye. In addition, the Zing needles are particularly practical to knit with as every size has its very own color. This makes it super easy to recognise the different sizes so you’re no longer in doubt about which size you’ve got in your hands.

In addition, the Zing needles are nickel free, so you can quietly knit away without having to worry about your nickel allergy.

The needles are pointy and the needle size is laser printed on them.


I recently bought the zing 10mm circular needles (I was able to use my bingo discount) and I absolutely love them! This is the first time I've ever used any pro knit zing product and let me tell you I did not know what I was missing. The yarn glides, no splitting, the points are not too sharp but sharp enough, very light and comfortable to hold, and I love the colors they come in. Little by little I am going to replace my old needles with these. I can't say enough about them, you need to get a pair for yourself to try! And Hobbii, a big thank you to you for making them affordable!


I have really been enjoying the Zing 80 cm circular needles in 2.5 size. This is my most used size for sock knitting, and these needles are so loght on my hands that the knitting goes faster. They are also very attractive, colorful, smooth needles with excellent tips that are just pointy enough for fine yarns, but not so pointy as tocause yarn splitting. Thank you very much Hobbii for your excellent service.


Zing are my go-to needles! Great quality for the price and the get the job done nicely. Are they the best needles? No, but they don't need to be and are great for both new and experienced knitters. They're smooth enough for wool but do have a teensy bit of grip that makes working with yarns like cotton or acrylic a lot easier. So far I've had no issues with kinks or getting the cord to relax.


I'm a crocheter trying knitting, but so far I love these! They are my second pair of circular needles, because the first were cheap plastic ones from a department store and had no points. These are so much nicer! They make learning much easier and are faster to work with


I've tried a whole variety of circular needles and these are by far the best. I first used them on a sweater vest and the way the stitches would glide but not fall off was amazing. Such wonderful needles, that I'm ordering another pair in a different size!

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