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Pattern Holder - Large

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    Yarn forever sale
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    Polyester & cotton
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    30.5 x 1.5 x 22 cm (12 x 0.6 x 8.7 inches)

Do you also have the challenge of finding a good way of storing your pattern whilst knitting or crocheting? Have you experienced the pattern folding or getting crumpled when it's loose in your project bag and that it even falls out of the bag?

Well, we don't find that to be acceptable. For without the pattern, there aren’t any knitted or crocheted delights. But we have a super practical and pretty solution for you who have had these challenges.

You can now get our very own pattern holder in neutral colors. It can be folded up and your loose pattern can be secured with strong magnets. If you need to follow certain steps in the pattern one-by-one and want to mark how far in the pattern you have reached, or if you need to keep track of a diagram, then there is a very long magnet that comes along with the holder, which you can use to help you.

The pattern holder has a pocket, where you can store other patterns (because let’s be honest, very few of us are monogamous knitters/crocheters). A needle gauge can also be stored in the pocket.

If you need a smaller pattern holder, then you can find it by clicking on the link above this text.

A beautiful pattern holder for you, who wants to keep track of your pattern whilst you are working on it.


I absolutely love this easel folder with magnets. First of all. it is a real neck saver. I didn't realize how much neck strain was occurring by looking down at my chart pattern that I usually had next to me. Now that I have the pattern chart on the folder standing up as an easel, my neck feels so much better. Also, using the long magnet to mark the place on the chart is wonderful. Before, I was using washi or painters tape to mark my place and that always needed replacing. I only wish I had purchased this years ago.


I'm so glad I got this- I started with the small pattern holder, which is nice for travel, or patterns where keeping the page folded work well. This is excellent to work with when you want to see that full page in one glance.

I love keeping myself organized too, and can easily have a second pattern if I'm close to finishing cued up behind the current one as well. Wonderful item, magnets are strong and work great with it.


This was a great purchase! I typically would use my iPad to track my patterns, but printed versions are much easier to use for complicated patterns, especially colorwork. The magnets are super strong and this will definitely keep my papers wrinkle free and safe for transportation. This appears to be sturdily built and will last a long time! The pocket is great to hold a pencil and pages not in use.


I just got this and am already delighted with its usefulness. It's very handy for keeping my current pattern easy to find as well as having a pocket for a couple of other project patterns I have in process. The magnets are nice and strong, and I love the fact that it will stand like an easel at two different pitches.


I love this pattern holder even more than I thought I would. My patterns are kept wrinkle-free. The magnets are very strong. I keep my little stork scissors on the one of the magnets…very handy! Another nice feature is being able to set it up like an easel on the table. Great purchase!

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