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Cable for Interchangeable Circular Needles


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An excellent cable set from Knitpro made of nylon. The cables are purple, resilient, and flexible and have smooth transitions from needles to cable with no cracks or bends.

The set includes:

  • 1 cable
  • 2 end caps
  • 1 cable key

All parts are compatible with all types of KnitPro interchangeable knitting needles/crochet hooks in any material!

Use the small cable key to ensure a tight connection between cable and needle. Insert the end of the “key” into the small hole on the screw-in "join" and work it all the way through to form a handle. Tighten the needle tip while keeping a firm grip on the “key”. You can find a video link on this page.

Use the end caps when you need to put your work on hold. The needle tips are exchanged for the stoppers to keep the work safe and secure on the cables. Simply screw the stoppers onto the cable the same way as you would the needles.

NOTE! Please note that the length of the cables includes the needles:

40 cm (15.7”): the cable is 20 cm (7.9”) long without needles
50 cm (19.7”): the cable is 28 cm (11”) long without needles
60 cm (23.6”): the cable is 35 cm (13.8”) long without needles
80 cm (31.5”): the cable is 56 cm (22”) long without needles
100 cm (39.4”): the cable is 76 cm (29.9”) long without needles
120 cm (47.2”): the cable is 94 cm (37”) long without needles
150 cm (59.1”): the cable is 126 cm (49.6”) long without needles

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I really love using these cables. They make knitting so much easier. I have to carry my knitting for different appointments and never have to worry about my knitting slipping off . I can't get enough.


Does the job. Now I just need to learn how to tighten them so they never release from the hook you are using. There is a lot more twisting that happens with tunisian crochet.


My dear friend bought these for the amazing price they are; and they successfully did the job! Truly a wonder as they keep the correct tension.


Got two different lengths and glad I did! It's easy to switch projects and not lose your spot with the end caps that come with each set.


I am using the cord for a Tunisian crochet hook and it is super light weight and very secure.

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