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Wool Needles In Aluminium

3 pcs

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The wool needles have big eyes, making them easy to thread, and are highly effective for crochet or loose knit. The smooth aluminum surface makes the needles easy to work with, regardless of the type of yarn you are dealing with.

The package contains 3 wool needles of 2.25 mm, 2.75 mm and 3.25 mm in blue, red and orange. 

Length of wool needles: 7,4 cm - 8,5 cm - 10 cm 

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I have never used wool needles before, or a needle with a shaped tip or the plastic loop to thread through and I love them. I use these needles to weave in all my ends on my crochet projects and it is a permeant piece of my crochet items, id be lost without these needles now.


I LOVE these wool needles. I had never seen nor used this type of needle before. I had only used darning needles and had trouble getting them threaded, splitting plies, and weaving yarn in to the very end. I highly recommend these.


The more I use these the more I love them. First, they're aluminum, which is always better than plastic, second, the big, flexible eye keeps your yarn nice no matter how many times you thread and unthread.


Got them for free with my hobbii plus order,
love to use them, it it way more easy to put te yarn in it that regular needle. I always use them 🥰


This needles are soo easy yo use. I love how big the hoop is. I can easily thread thick yarn. I love how there's 3 different sizes.

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