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Aluminum crochet hook with durable handle with a good grip.

The Crochet hook are available in sizes from 2-12 mm, so there is something for everyone. Each size has a specific color attached, giving the crochet hooks a fun and different twist. The colorful handles also help to increase the comfort when using the crochet hook. 

KnitPro has chosen to make the high quality aluminum needles, as aluminum is a strong material that ensures a strong and durable crochet hook. 


I needed a 3.5mm hook to do my latest project. I ordered a waves hook in this size. Up till now, I’ve always used bamboo., but I think I now prefer the larger size handle on these hooks! It helps with hand fatigue in small stitch projects! Would order others as I need them 👍


I love these hooks. I find them so comfortable in my hand and my fingers and hand don’t get as fatigued as will a traditional crochet hook (one without the rubbery handle)


These hooks glide with the yarn and make sure you have complete control when it comes to tension and movement! Definitely recommend!


I LOVE these. Lots of different smaller sizes, ergonomic small mm hooks are hard to find, and they're cheap. How can you beat that?


The price is great, and the flat, wide handle is very comfortable during long crochet sessions.

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