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The name says it all! This yarn bag is the ultimate yarn bag. It is functional, has many pockets, lots of room, so you will never be in need of room, whilst you knit that poncho you have always wanted or crochet the blanket that will keep you warm throughout the year.

This yarn bag has all that room and can hold all of those things you have always wanted a yarn bag to hold.

There are many pockets, both inside and out, where you can keep different knitting needles and crochet hooks, lots of extra yarn and all the accessories you may need, when working on your favorite project.

If you are going travelling or taking a trip to the Summer house and want to take different projects with you, then our ultimate yarn bag is your best friend. It is easy to store in the car and perfect to have placed next to your favorite armchair or couch.

We recommend to wash the bag by hand. Please avoid direct sunlight right after washing as it might cause the colours to fade.

A big cheer for many cozy moments of knitting thanks to your favorite yarn bag to-be. 

Material: Polyester & canvas
Measurement: 38.5 x 25 x 30 cm
Inner measurements: 26 x 23 x 28 cm

Please note that the accessories are not included in the price.


I have waited so long to buy a bag for my knitting. Finally I found this bag which seemed like a perfect bag. Nervous to buy it just from pictures on the website, I am a 'hands on' shopper. I was very pleased and happy when the bag arrived. Sections for everything,yarn, needles patterns...you name it. Now I can open this bag up and find exactly what I am looking for. Construction is terrific and we'll thought out. I was using a shopping basket made of wicker and always worried I would catch a stitch or lose something as it had no top to close, now no more worries!! Best accessory to knitting ever!! Thank you


So much space! Fits my favourite yarn and projects easily, as well as patterns, notepad and pen, crochet hooks (all my favourite ones), stitch markers, needles, embroidery materials, scissors, sewing accessories, felt fabric, a book (or several), and a coin purse or two, plus a couple of drinks bottles and snacks (always stored in ziplock bags, so separated from the yarn and craft tools).

Great bonus: shoulder strap that can be for just the one shoulder or cross-body. Saves me from carrying it by hand (but the handy straps are handy, too!).


I've has yarn bags before but none with so much room and space for all my things! It came in quick and has slots and spots for everything! It's tall enough yo hold my magazines when on their side and long enough to hold my longest needle case! It came very quickly and is super sturdy! I think the only drawback I can think of is that there's no support for the bottom of the bag to keep it flat but if it's full of yarn, I guess you don't really need it! It's an amazing bag and I'm going to use it for years to come!


Great yarn bag, I had been looking for a project bag and when the bag came in I used it right away for knitting my shawl. We will be traveling to and from our cabin to town and this bag will be great to continue my knitting projects!!! Also got a puppy and she wants to sniff and chew on everything but she can only watch me knit and when I am finished, I put my yarns, holders and project in the bag!!! Fits everything!!! Thank you, great product!!


I love this yarn bag! Such a great size, you can fit so many skeins easily in addition to your current work in progresses. I have been using a much smaller bag for a while but things tended to get lost at the bottom as there wasn't enough storage, but that certainly isn't a problem with this one! There are heaps of compartments, zips and pockets for hooks/needles which I love. Should have bought on sooner! Cannot recommend it enough.

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