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Trendz Crochet Hook Single

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Product information

  • Brand::
  • Sizes:
    5 - 12 mm
  • Length:
    15 ( 5.9) - 15,5 cm ( 6.1" )

Crochet Hook from KnitPro's Trendz series.

The crochet hook is made of acrylic, a material that is incredibly easy to work with. The crochet hook is equipped with grooves in the grip end to avoid losing stitches. Additionally, it is good to hold on and provide good control, even when working with yarns that may seem slippery on other crochet hooks. Therefore, it is absolutely ideal for beginners.

The crochet hook is available in sizes from 5-12 mm. Each size has a specific color attached, giving the crochet needles a fun and different twist.

With KnitPro Trendz crochet hook you get a quality needle at an extremely advantageous price.

Material: Acrylic


An earlier reviewer compared these hooks to Susan Bates, but I find my 6.0mm KnitPro Trendz to be more of a like a Bates and Boye hybrid in the same size. Or, perhaps it's a totally different species! Who cares, I like it. I use both Bates and Boye for different projects; I'm sure that the Trendz hook will also be suited to some of my projects and not to others. I'm finding it comfortable, so far. Note: don't stick to only one style of hook, unless they hurt your hand!


I love the vibrant colors of these hooks. I like that each size is a different color. The sizes are clearly written on each hook, however, I just received these so I am not sure if it wears off but if it ever doe the color of the hook will definitely help with that. i have played with them a little and they are comfy. They are smooth and will work for regular crochet projects or entrelac crochet or small Tunisian projects. I am extremely happy with this purchase.


I love the plastic crochet hooks ! They slide more easily with the netting that I am crocheting with. This one especially is a bit longer than my other ones and so is easier on the palm of my hand. The sharp hook at the end makes it easier to snag the yarn more easily. Thanks so much.


Great hooks! I'm a fan of Susan Bates and these hooks are comparable to them. Love the longer length. These may very well become my favorite.


I love these hooks because they feel so nice when I crochet.

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