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Tunisian crochet hook from KnitPro’s Trendz collection.

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Product information

  • Brand::
  • Material:
  • Sizes:
    H/8-O/16 (5-12 mm)
  • Length:
    11.2 inches (30 cm)

The crochet hook is made of acrylic, a material which is incredibly easy to work with. It is comfortable to hold and ensures a good control even when working with yarn that tends to be a bit slippery on other hooks. The head of the hook ensures that the stitches stay on the hook, so you don’t have to worry about losing stitches. Thus, the hook is ideal for beginners.

The crochet hook is available in sizes from H/8-O/16 (5-12 mm). Each size has been given a specific color which adds a funny and different twist to the hooks.

With a KnitPro Trendz Tunisian crochet hook, you get a quality hook at an incredible price.


I wasn't sure if I would like these at first, because of the hook shape and the acrylic (I've tried acrylic crochet hooks that I have not liked at all, especially when working with synthetics). I just tested on of these out using a mostly acrylic and wool blend yarn, and it's smooth. I just have to be careful not to poke myself with the sharper head. That may end up being a problem for me, because I'm clumsy. I only bought 3 sizes, but I will be getting the entire range of sizes now.


I am so excited. I looked everywhere for a L Tunisian hook and I found Hobbii. I ordered and wondered where this company was. I was stunned and happily received my order in perfect condition within 10 days. Your web site is very cool and so are the emails.

Good company and good products


Great for learning! I've been knitting for 15 years and crocheting for 2, and now I'm using this hook to learn Tunisian crochet. Once I get established I'm going to order all the sizes!

Caitlyn M.

So happy I finally found a 9mm Tunisian crochet hook! It’s almost impossible to find one above 7mm in stores. Works great and looks like a small harpoon so yay!


I have been unable to locate this size. I was delighted to find it at Hobbii. Shipping was fast, 6 days to USA. Thank you!!! Off to finish my blanket.

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