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Neck Light Deluxe - Blue

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Product information

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    Sunshine prices
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  • Length:
    60 cm or 73 cm
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  • Batteries:
    2 x AA batteries (not included)

Now’s the time to grab our new and gorgeous neck light in Hobbii’s very own, signature blue color.

A neck light is the perfect tool for any knitter or crocheter looking for a proper crafting light. The light just rests on your shoulders, leaving your hands free for crafting. Our Neck Light Deluxe has two light settings.

You switch between them by pressing the on/off button:

1 time: The light turns on (50% light)
2 times: The light turns off
3 times: The light turns on (100% light)
4 times: The light turns off 

The two ends of the light have LED bulbs that may be lit simultaneously or individually. The two bulbs can be moved around and customized independently, so you may shed light on several elements at a time e.g. knitwear as well as pattern.

The neck light is available in two sizes: 60 cm and 73 cm. If you prefer to knit/crochet close to your chin, choose the small one of 60 cm. If you prefer to work further away from your face, choose the large one of 73 cm.

Please follow our instructions on where to insert the batteries (see picture).

Technical data
Lumen: 20-25 lm
Kelvin: between 6500-7500 kelvin


This neck light is awesome, light and comfortable and it's easy to adjust and to make it point in the right direction. No more annoying others during movie nights!!


This neck light is AWESOME. I've had others but they were too heavy or pointed the wrong way. This one is light, comfortable and I can point it in any direction.


Originally got the black necklace light. Loved it, so bought the blue one for traveling. Love the color!!!


Love this neck light! Easy to take anywhere! Great for crocheting and reading!

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