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Aluminium Crochet Hook

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Here you see three different versions of aluminum crochet hooks from KnitPro.

The grey crochet hooks are made of superior quality aluminum and are extremely durable with their anodized finish. We’re talking about really hardy and long-lasting crochet hooks here.

If you prefer ergonomically shaped handles on your crochet hooks, that’s also an option. The black rubber grip is great, especially if you have arthritic hands or weak wrists. The ergonomic grip will ensure a high level of comfort and will help you crochet for hours on end without getting sore hands. Choose between a gold or silver aluminum hook.

You don’t need to worry about nickel allergies since the needles are 100% nickel-free.


I've been crocheting for years and have always used aluminum or steel hooks for my projects. Caught a sale on these hooks and thought I'd give them a try. To say they are comfortable to use is an understatement. I've even caught myself using the finger roll when crocheting now and found it's much less stressful on my wrist and forearm. I'm currently in the process if replacing all other hooks with these. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!


I bought myself a full set of these hooks, after receiving one as a gift from a subscription service I belong to. I love the fact that I can crochet for several hours at a time with these hooks, and don't have much if any resulting hand or wrist pain. I do prefer them to be a bit longer in the handle, but they're brilliant anyway!


It's really hard for me to find a good handle for the way i hold my hook but these do the trick! The shape and width of the handle have completely solved my hand cramping problem. So far they are my favorite, i will be replacing my whole set eventually. Added bonus: they're also the smallest padded hooks I found (ie. 1mm, 2mm hooks)


Really cheap price, and work pretty good! I used to crochet with a metal cheap crochet from walmart so for a a box more expensive hook than Walmart, I'm pretty happy or the comfort it brings me while working on my projects! As a beginner, buy it, it pretty good 😝


I enjoy these hooks, so far these are my favorites. They have a great padded handle and smooth neck for easy crocheting. It lessens my wrist and elbow pain when I'm working on large projects. I want to get more to replace some of my other sized hooks.

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