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Elastic thread – 200m

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Clear and thin elastic  thread to be crocheted or knitted into ribbed edging or cuffs, or worked into the cast-on edges of stockinette stitches to prevent the edges to roll back onto themselves.
The elastic thread can be used together will all types of yarn and colours.

Lenght: 200 m
100% Polyamid
Can be washed at up to 95°C (203°F)  

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Fine Elastic thread is helpful not only to knit into garments, but also if things are a little too big. Be aware this thread is super fine, like gossamer, almost invisible, but have taken a threaded it through a cuff or back of the heel of a sock after I have knit it, which is fiddly yet do-able. But this elastic thread is best knit in, held with your normal yarn, where you want more elasticity.


This elastic thread is exactly what it is supposed to be - invisible carrying elastic. That doesn't make it necessarily easy to use, though, and my learning curve was steep. I used it to make a scrunchie more springy and to make the wrist portion of gloves tighter so it hugged the skin.

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