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Stitch Markers – Metal

45 pcs.

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    45 pcs.
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This is a super cute little box of 45 metal stitch markers. The box has a small window in the lid that lets you see all the treasures inside. It’s also super practical when you need to bring some stitch markers with you in your project bag. The stitch markers can be opened and fit needles up to 7 mm. 

You can choose between two color combinations. One is classic with gold, silver, and rose-colored markers. The other one is a little more festive with green, purple, and red markers. 

Diameter of box: 4,5 cm
Height of box: 1,8 cm

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I love these stitch markers. I have other plastic ones but they pop open easily and slip out of the stiches, these metal markers don't pop open like my plastic ones. I also like to do some mini crochet using embrodery floss so they are nice and light and slim which doesn't affect my tension on my smaller projects and doesn't strecth my stitches. The container is also nice as I have dropped it off a few tables but it has never popped open.


I love these as they're small and light on my work but still stand out well. I already had plenty of stitch markers but got these as I sometimes use a fair few at once and wanted to cut down on bulk and weight on my needles. I pretty much only use these now and don't bother with my plastic ones unless I have to. Will be getting another tin in the other colour option with my next order!


These stitch markers are great because they aren't as bulky as the plastic ones you can find anywhere. They are perfect for use with fine yarn because they wont stretch out your stitches like other markers will. They are noticeable enough that you can find them easily in your work but not bulky and annoying. I'm for sure going to be buying more.


I ordered the Gold/silver/rose gold ones after I ordered the Green/purple/red ones. The Gold/silver/rose gold ones are definitely my favorite because they're not painted. They're completely smooth and don't catch on my work like the green/purple/red ones do.


Very easy to use and very sturdy! I often break my plastic stitch markers by accident and I was looking for a strong alternative, these are perfect! I find them a little too pointy so I've sanded down the sharp end, but overall very happy with these

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