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Metal Stitch Markers - 3 colours

100 pcs

7,000 points
This product can only be purchased with points
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This product can only be purchased with points
Read about the Point Store here

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A cute little box full of beautiful stitch markers in all the colors of the rainbow. The box is made of metal and has a little window at the top. Inside, you’ll find 100 stitch markers with a lock – also made of metal. With all these colors to choose from, you should be able to find some that match your project ;) The stitch markers fit needles up to size 8 mm. 

Material: Metal
Size of stitch markers: 2,2 x 1 cm
Size of box: Ø6,8 cm
Number: 100 stk.
Color: Assorted colors


Very good quality and a great amount, this box of markers is a life saver for my many, many, many 😅 projects. Highly recommended!


I ordered these with my hobbii points with an order I made. I can always use more stitch markers. Not quite the 100 in the container that it boasts but close. the pins work well, they are very very sharp so if you have thin skin and don't want to ruin your work with sanguinous fluid be very careful. the metal is quite strong so you need to make sure your fingers have a bit of strength to them to close them especially seeing they are very sharp if they bounce back open. But they do the trick quite well and the colours are beautiful. I may go with the just metal ones next time because of the bit of acrylic coating can catch fine threads. I like them, not sure if I would buy them outright but with time I might really love these. the little case is nicer than the plastic one the plastic stitch markers come in takes up less room. you do want to close these before storing so you don't stick yourself.


I like all the colors, although I would have loved that there were more green ones or some in a different green (I love green!). They are thin, so perfect no matter the thickness of the yarn. The only bad thing is that the are sharp, and, unless you are very careful, you can split the yarn. Overall, I think that they are pretty good.

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