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Bamboo Crochet Hook Set

3 - 5.5 mm

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Product information

  • Category:
    Spooky sale
  • Brand::
  • Material:
  • Sizes:
    3,0 - 3,5 - 4,0 - 4,5 - 5,0 - 5,5 (N/A – E/4 – G/6 – G/7 – H/8 – I/9
  • Length:
    15 cm (approx. 6”)
  • Dimensions:
    22 x 18 cm (8,7 x 7,1") (open)
  • Case:
    100% cotton canvas

This is an exquisite bamboo crochet hook set with a protective canvas case in a lovely off-white color.

Since the crochet hooks are made from bamboo, they’re both light and strong. You’ll experience a super smooth surface that’s pleasant to the touch, and you’ll avoid the cold feeling in your hands that you might experience with metal crochet hooks. The sizes are engraved in the wood, so they won’t rub off with use.

Each crochet hook has its own pocket, and the case is rolled up and closed with the string. The case also has a flap that’s folded over the crochet hooks at the top, so they won’t fall out when they’re in your bag. There’s even a couple of extra, empty pockets in the case that you can use for your own accessories.

And you get all this for an incredible price :-)


These are by far my favorite crochet hooks. I have a whole bunch of brands in my hook collection to choose from, and these are the ones I grab first. I’ve been using them for months and have crocheted many projects with them, including multiple pairs of socks, potholders, a heavy baby blanket, a lightweight cotton baby blanket, and a full size blanket. I don’t have any problems with yarn splitting, and I have no clue why a previous reviewer didn’t like them. They are warm in your hands, and so much easier to work with for people with arthritis. I highly recommend these. A fabulous set for beginners or experienced crocheters.


Affordable option for a set of bamboo crochet hooks with a case, It includes harder to find small hooks (3.0 mm and 3.5 mm) that I couldn’t find in wood or bamboo. These are lightweight & easy to hold. I crocheted a sweater with the 4.0 mm hook and it went really fast. The case has lots of room for additional hooks. The tips of the hooks are pointed so they have a tendency to split yarn, but it’s easy enough to adapt how you turn the hook to prevent that. I prefer the more rounded heads of the Basix birch hooks. This is a good value compared to sets that cost three times the price & don’t include a 3.0 mm hook.


I love having these hooks in my arsenal though they will not be my go-to hooks. The heads are very pointy, nearly sharp! I got them to try out some Tunisian crochet stitches on sport weight wool. Some splitting but not bad as the wool was superwash. I agree with the review that says to avoid these hooks for fluffy yarns. I was a bit nervous that the 3.5 mm hook would break on me but it has not yet. I’m being gentle with it. The thicker hooks do not worry me about breaking at all.


I do enjoy them but they definitely have some flaws. I tried using them on a project with some acrylic yarn and it just snagged and caught on every single stitch and was a total nightmare. I think they’ll be great with the right yarn but definitely nothing fluffy or fuzzy. I’ll for sure be trying them again cause I do really love the feel of them. I’ll probably update when I’ve done a project with them that’s successful!


Worst hooks ever. Do not buy.

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