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Rustle Cellophane

Rustle Cellophane can make a wonderful rustling/crackling sound that small children and babies love so much. You can for example add it in the ears of a homemade teddy, and instantly the adorable gift will be even more interesting for a small child. 

In this pack you will get three sheets of cellophane each 40 x 40 cm. (1.31 x 1.31 feet)

Washing instructions: You can wash the cellophane inside, for example, a crocheted animal at up to 60 ºC. But of course you must always follow the washing instructions for the yarn you have used.

EN71-3 certified. The product has been tested for content of any harmful components.

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (6)


Bought this to put in a sensory blanket. There is a LOT here and I just cut a little square, shove it in the pocket of the sensory blanket I crocheted and then sew it shut. Makes a lovely crinkly sound.

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