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Rivet Support, 16 mm/18 mm

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Rivet washers can be used as support washers for these screw rivets, for example. If rivets are used in a material that is crocheted or knitted and has an open pattern, we recommend putting a small washer on the back of the rivet as it will support the material which needs to be held together. If the tension of your knitting or crochet is very loose, then we recommend this rivet support which has a wide circumference. For tighter knit or crocheted projects you can settle for the smaller support - which you can find a link for further up on the page. In this pack you get supports in of both 16 mm (0.6 in) and 18 mm (0.7 in).

All Go Handmade’s rivet supports are compatible with their screw rivets, and the holes in the rivets fit the screw rivets’ standard diameter of 8,2 mm (0.3 in). 

Measurements: Ø16 mm and  Ø18 mm
Quantity: 30 per pack
Material: Plastic

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