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Reflective Thread

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Reflective thread from Prym.

Reflective thread can be knitted or crocheted into your projects. Use it on a knitted hat and scarf, and thus become more visible in the dark and in traffic.

It can withstand wash at 30 degrees.

Quantity: 50 meters

Thickness: 0.5 mm


I used this to add in a few reflective stripes on crochet toques I made for myself and my boyfriend for hunting season. I used it along side the regular yarn I used and crocheted it in at the same time. It was easy enough to work with and didn't add any extra bulk to the brims but did add the visability. We also wear the toques to walk the dog in the evenings and mornings in winter.


Exactly what I was looking for! I haven't actually used it yet, but I am going to when I start my next hat project.

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