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Go Handmade

Teddy with blanket and pillow - Trunte

The cute teddy Trunte and her favourite blanket will no doubt make any child happy. The soft teddy texture comes from the luxurious Couture yarn, and the blanket and the pillow are crocheted from lovely Soft. Both yarns are from Go Handmade.

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Such a cute pattern! I give it five stars for the cuteness factor, but did have to do a bit of guessing when the pattern didn't specify... How far apart to place the eyes? Where to sew on the arms and legs? But the result was so adorable. Made mine with plain old aran yarn in pink and brushed the heck out of it to make it fuzzy. Adorable.


So adorable and cute. And pattern is easy follow. Only for me it is difficult to mentioned yarn so I chose velvet thread.

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