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Pom Pom - White

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This soft and trendy pom pom is not made of real fur. Pom pons like this one is a very good alternative if you don’t want to use real fur for your projects.

You can use this pompon as decoration on a hat, a bag and much more.

There’s a snap fastener attached to the pompon, which makes it easy to fit it to your project. Please note that the two parts of the snap fasteners are snapped together when you receive the pompom, and they need to be separated before you attach them.

You can chose the size you need for your project - we offer a size small (10 cm/ 4 inch), medium (11 cm/ 4.32 inch), and large (13 cm/5.12 inch). 

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I really like these pom poms. They are super soft and add such a nice charm to a hat. They have snaps, which I didn't know about when I bought them, but it makes such perfect sense because you can just pop the pom pom off of the hat and wash the hat without ruining the pom pom. I love it


So so soft and fluffy!! The snap button makes it easy to apply to any item, without being a 'permanent' feature.


Amazing pom-pom. I knitted a hat and beautifully topped it with this pom -pom. Looks very pretty.

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