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Hoop Pompom Maker Set

1.38 - 2.17 - 2.76 and 3.54 in

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    3,5 - 5,5 -7 and 9 cm (1.38 - 2.17 - 2.76 and 3.54 in)

It’s time to make some fun and pretty pom-poms! And it’s actually really easy! Anyone can join.

A pom-pom maker is a great tool if you need some help making pom-poms, and all you need is yarn and some scissors. Pom-poms are a great way to use all that lovely scrap yarn you have lying around, and a pom-pom is a cute little detail you can add to so many different projects. You could, e.g., attach them to the corners of a homemade cushion, add a fun little fluff-ball to your beanie, or use them as tassels on the end of your scarf. A cute little pom-pom mobile is also an adorable addition to any nursery! 

This is a set of pom-pom makers that gives you 4 different pom-pom sizes to work with.

You will find instructions in English, German, and Danish on the packaging. But you can also find it below.

How to make a pom-pom with a Hoop Pompom Maker:

  1. Open two rings in the same color (you may have to loosen the clasps) and place them on top of each other. They fit together when the clasps of each ring are aligned, and the raised dots fit in the holes.

  2. Wind the yarn around both halves of the pom-pom maker. Don’t wrap too tightly. Use one shade or a mix of colors.

  3. Close the two halves together and secure the clasps.

  4. Use scissors to cut open the pom-pom around the outside gap.

  5. Tie a piece of yarn around the yarn between the two rings. Make a knot and pull tightly.

  6. Remove the rings and trim the pom-pom with scissors to make it nice and even.

Find patterns for this product here: Patterns (9)


Never knew these existed but bought them and they are so fun to use. Made perfect pom-poms that I made garlands with and added them to other pieces of work. Highly recommend if it’s what you’re looking for.


Super easy to use and makes great pom poms


The instructions were a bit hard to understand at first but these were really fun to use and I was able to make a bunch of pompoms really easily.

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