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Wool Needles in Aluminium

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Wool needles are indispensable when you need to sew up your knitting and weave in ends. The eye is large and fits thick yarn. A wool needle is an indispensable tool when you need to make an Italian bind off in rib.

Here you get a set of 3 aluminum wool needles in the sizes 2,3 mm - 2,8 mm and 3,3 mm.

Needle: Aluminum
Eye: Plastic
Length: 9.5 cm - 11 cm - 14 cm
Color: Black
Number: 3 pcs. 

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Very easy to thread and pull yarn through. Bigger than I expected but useful since I was using super bulky wool yarn and had no issues threading the yarn onto any of these, and no issues pulling the yarn through. I like them so much I'm looking for a set of smaller sizes so I can use these with thinner yarn that likes thinner needles.


Just love these needles! No issues pulling my yarn through. I also found I dont need to leave as much tail to weave. This ig great for me because I always find myself playing Yarn Chicken! Looking for smaller needles for thinner yarn. But these are absolutely a must!


I alway saw other crocheted using these to weave in the yarn so I wanted to try them too. I really like them. They eye is large enough so you don’t have to worry about splitting the yarn and flexible so it doesn’t stretch your stitches.


Didn't realise how much I needed these....they're brilliant! Difficult length ends can be woven in easily and neatly. If you have trouble threading needles with your yarn these are perfect. They're now an essential part of my workbag.


I love these wool needles. I find these to be the tool to weave in ends. Very easy to pull through yarn.

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